Copyrights and Trademarks for Media Professionals

Copyrights and Trademarks for Media Professionals Broadcast, Cable, Film, Internet, Multimedia, Satellite, WWW

Arnold P. Lutzker (1997 Focal Press, 225 Wildwood Avenue, Woburn, MA 01801,194 pp., $23)

Unlike media moguls who have their own legal departments dedicated to researching and investigating copyright laws, most independent media professionals don’t have the time, interest or money to wade through the legal gobbledygook of copyright laws. But thanks to Arnold Lutzker, copyrights and trademarks can be understood in an easy and meaningful way. This book caters to media professionals and students who may have a variety of questions about things like using stock film, popular music or images from the Web in their videos, Web sites or other media productions. Lutzker presents this vast and often confusing field in a well organized, easy-to-follow format that covers everything from copyright infringement, to buying copyrights, to the registration and protection of copyrights. Lutzker uses clear diagrams and useful case studies to illustrate his points and answer pertinent media questions, without the headache, hassle or price tag of a law firm.


8 Tips for Making a Stellar First Video

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Digital Nonlinear Editing, Editing Film and Video on the Desktop

Thomas A. Ohanian (1998 Focal Press, 225 Wildwood Avenue, Woburn, MA 01801, 313 pp., $50)

In the ten years since the development of digital nonlinear editing, a plethora of relatively inexpensive systems and auxiliary products have inundated the consumer market. More and more people are considering digital systems as their preferred choice of editors. But which one is best? In classic textbook style, Thomas Ohanian delves into the nature of digital nonlinear editing, explaining the history, translating the jargon, discussing the applications and highlighting the trends that shape digital technology. Ohanian includes an invaluable glossary, and each chapter further defines key terminology. He covers all aspects of digital technology including editing, compression, transmission, storage and software. Ohanian won an Oscar for his part in developing the Avid Media Composer, the pioneer of nonlinear editing systems and pillar of Hollywood production houses, so he knows what he is talking about. This book is a great reference tool for understanding the basics of digital nonlinear editing and choosing the right system for you.

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Beyond Weddings, Cracking the Commercial Market

Allied Video Services (1998 Allied Video Services, 2200 Dunbarton Drive, Suite D, Chesapeake, VA 23325, three video tapes, 30 minutes each, $200)

So you want to make money making videos, huh? Well, if you have little or no experience in basic video production, business principles or sales strategies, this series could be for you. It is an introductory instructional video series emphasizing the business side of corporate videos. The series is broken down into three sections: First Contact, Making The Sale and Production. Each volume does a pretty good job of covering all of the bases, even if the information presented is somewhat superficial. The series is a cross between a classroom presentation and an infomercial. Of the three volumes, the Production volume is weakest. The two concentrating on the business aspect of video production are very informative. Considering the price of this series, however, it might be better worth your while to invest in a couple of good business books and a video production class at a community college.

Rating = 3

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