Book and Tape Reviews

Footage: The Worldwide Moving Image Sourcebook

Footage (1997, Second Line Search
Publications, 1926 Broadway, 5th floor, New York NY 10023, 888-366-8243,
1098 pp., $195)

Here’s a book that does double duty–as a heavy
weight to anchor a tripod and as a comprehensive guide to film and video
libraries. This follow-up to Footage 89/91 has added section tabs,
a geographic index, 400 new U.S. entries and over 900 international sources.

A Related Services section covers research, archival management and preservation
techniques. A new Digital Section includes video compression and streaming
products, servers, storage, transmission, cataloging and management software.


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This guide is not limited to expensive stock-footage libraries. Footage
contains plenty of listings of affordable and even free footage from government
and public domain sources. This directory is a must for public access channels,
media centers and videographers who need to integrate historical and stock
footage into their productions.


Complete Camcorder Troubleshooting and Repair

Joe Desposito & Kevin Garabedian (1998, Prompt Publications,
2647 Waterfront Pkwy. E. Dr., Indianapolis, IN 46214, 208 pp., $30)

If you ever wanted to learn what’s under the
hood of your camcorder, or have a camcorder that’s malfunctioning, then
this book is for you. The topics covered are tools and test equipment used
for repairs, general camcorder maintenance, safety procedures, and troubleshooting.

This book also includes seven real-world case studies which outline how
to repair various camcorder models with step-by-step instructions. The big,
easy-to-read fonts and over 175 pictures and diagrams are easy to follow
as you make repairs. This book is a money-saver and could easily pay for
itself. Complete Camcorder Troubleshooting and Repair is well worth
the price if only for the chapter on general maintenance and learning how
to clean the video heads.


The Essential TV Director’s Handbook

Peter Jarvis (1998, Focal Press, 225 Wildwood Ave., Woburn, MA 01801,
800-366-2665, 209 pp., $30)

The author of this book definitely knows his
stuff. He spent twenty-five years working for the British Broadcasting Corporation,
the last seven in the Television Training Department. It definitely shows,
as he does a great job of giving practical, informative, professional and
often humorous advice.

This book is for anyone who wants to learn everything about shooting and
directing live or taped interviews. Beginning to advanced videographers
would gain knowledge here. The book is a smooth read, and is one you would
read from cover to cover. The only drawback is that video terminology used
in British English is a little different than American English. For example,
an Extreme Close Up shot is called a Big Close Up shot. However, the basic
concepts are the same.


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