Book and Tape Reviews
Sales and Marketing
Sandy Brooke (1995, Brooke Video Productions,
15946 Sherman Way, Van Nuys, CA, 91406, 818-786-4671, 55 min., $49)

The "Sales and Marketing" video by Sandy Brooke deserves an "A"
for packaging; all the cash on the cover is engaging. But if you’re looking
for ways to market a video business, you may be disappointed. The first
question the video asks is: what is sales and marketing? The answer? The
ability to prospect and find business through advertising media and phone
calls. While there is a segment on how to handle an incoming call, there’s
nothing on how to prospect a call. Furthermore, there’s nothing on how to
advertise your video company.

This video deals more with how to treat potential wedding-video shoppers.
Brooke has the gift to schmooze but lacks in the area of defining what sales
and marketing are for the average person who wants to build a video business.
This video seems to be a shrine to her business. 2

Capture the Power

Mentor Productions (1997, Mentor Productions, P.O. Box 502002, San
Diego, CA 92150-2002, 64 min., $25)

If you are a videographer who is trying to maximize your post-production
titling capabilities, then you’ll enjoy "Capture The Power." While
there are many 3D animation titling software packages available, Crystal
Flying Fonts program allows you to build an infinite number of professional,
graphics font designs. This training tape gives a step-by-step tutorial
on how to create 3D titling, and multilayering. The procedures are explained
in detail so that amateur post producers can learn and become well adverse
with this software. If you’re looking for exploding bricks, spilling liquid
and breaking glass effects, then you’ll find it in this video. 4

The Home Studio Guide to Microphones

Loren Alldrin (1997, MixBooks, 6400 Hollis St., Emeryville, CA 94608,
164 pp., $35)

If there is anything you want to know about microphones, then you’ll
want to get a copy of "The Home Studio Guide to Microphones."
The book is a section-by-section guide to all aspects of this most intricate
yet important sound tool. Alldrin takes a reader-friendly approach right
from the beginning of the book, covering mike technology, techniques and
stereo miking. He even offers a shopping guide for buyers. If you’re into
videotaping bands, or individual acoustics, you’ll enjoy the blueprint layouts
for miking. To complement each section, there are illustrations which further
help define how the microphone works with different applications. "The
Home Studio Guide to Microphones" should be a required text for any
videographer interested in studio or field production. 4

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