Sound for Film and Television, Tomlinson Holman (1997, Focal Press, Butterworth-Heinemann, 313 Washington Street, Newton, MA 02158, 253-pp. plus audio CD, $40)

If youre looking for sound success in your film and video productions, this book and accompanying audio CD could be what youre looking for. Author Tomlinson Holman effectively covers the various facets of sound–from "Objective Sound," to "Audio Fundamentals," "Recording," "Editing," "Mixing," and more. At times, the book is complicated by techno-jargon that makes it read similar to a college law textbook, but Holmans knowledge on the subject is evident, and the information he presents is on-the-money. Along with the basics, Holman covers computer-based digital audio editing–an important inclusion given the popularity of computer-based applications. Plenty of useful diagrams help illustrate his points. All in all, a good addition to any producers library. 4

Television Production for Elementary and Middle Schools, Keith Kyker and Christopher Curchy (1994, Libraries Unlimited, Inc., Engelwood, CO 80155, 175-pp., $24)

In increasing numbers, media specialists and teachers are working with television production in the elementary and middle school system. Television Production for Elementary and Middle Schools is an excellent tool for media professionals or teachers who want to implement video instruction at these grade levels. The book starts with a section titled "Operating a Television Production System," followed by chapters on "Using Video to Teach Media Skills," and "Producing Videotape Programs for Your School." Other sections include "Preproduction Activities," and "News Show Creation and Content." Part II, titled "Student Curriculum" provides instructors with hands-on activities for their students. Chapters on "How to Choose a Microphone," and "How Videotape Works" provide students with a solid foundation from which to build. This book takes a straightforward, no-nonsense approach to instruction, and offers a great starting point for any videographer who wants to bring video into the classroom. 5

Getting Started in Digital Video Editing, InDepth Productions (1997, InDepth Production Company, Bellevue, WA 98008, 62 min., $40)

Geared towards film, video and "prosumer" editors who are new to nonlinear editing, Getting Started in Digital Video Editing is a great resource for hardware, software, tools and resources available in todays digital video market. While this video provides useful information, beware that it is not–nor does it claim to be–"Indepth" like the name of the company. Instead, it offers a broad view of the resources available to those interested in getting started. One very nice feature of this package is the inclusion of a complete report that lists current pricing information for products listed in the video. Those who purchase the tape can request an updated, free copy of the report before theyre ready to make a purchase, so they always have the most-current information at their fingertips. Overall, a good, broad-scope view of a fast-growing market, and a successful first video from this new production company. 4

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