Copyrights and Trademarks for Media Professionals

Arnold P. Lutzker (1997, Focal Press, 80 Montvale Ave., Stoneham MA 02180, 194 pp., $23)

Judging by the calls and letters we get from Videomaker readers, there’s a serious need for a practical guide to copyright laws for video. Arnold Lutzker may have answered your queries by making legal terms understandable to the layperson in Copyrights and Trademarks for Media Professionals. He sets a foundation by explaining the underlying principles of the protection of content; then goes on to explain how to know when to copy the works of others, what you can use on the air and who really owns photographs, videos, storylines and titles. The chapter on music rights is clear and complete. The trademarks section could be helpful to those who want to avoid "McLawsuits." Lutzker introduces the nascent field of cyberspace copyright in a section on the Internet’s copyright laws (or lack thereof). Check out this book if you want to protect your intellectual property and safely use, review or parody others. 5


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Your Cam: Sharp

Mark Shapiro (1996, SRS Productions, 9660 Candy Lane, La Mesa CA 91941, 60 min., $25)

One of the "Your Cam" series of camcorder tapes, this video trainer is great for someone who has purchased his or her first camcorder. Anyone can pickup basic instructions on how to load the battery, hold the camcorder, and use the zoom controls by reading the manual. But seeing these functions performed will help the new camcorder owner quickly gain confidence. The host, Mark Shapiro, uses the Sharp VL-H420 Hi8 Viewcam to demonstrate tape loading, the LCD menu icons, manual controls and adjustments. He also introduces the viewer to techniques that can be used with any camcorder, such as two-finger editing, external microphone types and when to use them, and how to use a tripod. The production style is not very appealing but Shapiro presents the information clearly and carefully. For the first-time camcorder owner, this tape might prove to be a worthwhile investment. 3

Video Editing: a Postproduction Primer

Steven E. Browne (Third Edition, 1997, Focal Press, 80 Montvale Ave., Stoneham MA 02180, 309 pp., $35)

This new edition of Browne’s original (reviewed in the October 1992 Videomaker) is updated to cover new technologies and digital editing but it’s definitely for those interested in the pro or broadcast environments. Equipment he discusses (Avid Media Composer, Pioneer’s laser disk recorder, digital Betacam, etc.) is firmly in the high-end range. Don’t look to this book for an explanation of how to use Adobe Premiere or install a digitizer card in your PC. Section III, "Working with the Image," does a fine job of teaching readers how to shoot for the edit and edit for the audience. These techniques are applicable to any video production. Although not for the consumer camcorder user, Video Editing is a solid introduction to the world of professional editing. 3

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