Home Video Hits–Great Ideas For Creating Better Home Videos!

(1996, Cardozo Productions, P.O. Box 9792, Washington, D.C. 20016; 54 min., $20)

Now you can learn how to make home videos that are interesting, entertaining, memorable and fun to watch. Home Video Hits is chock full o’ tips that guarantee to enhance your productions, making your videos fun to shoot and even more fun to show your friends.


How to Make a

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How to Make a

DIY Green Screen


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There are many elements that must come together to make your home videos “hits.” And you’ll find all those elements here. You get more than just camera tips. You’ll learn a “unique step-by-step method” that will help you plan, prepare for, and produce great home video. You’ll learn to use your camcorder more effectively and tell stories that hold your viewers’ interest. Even better, you will come away with great ideas for creating better home videos.

Professionally produced and very well made, Home Video Hits is as entertaining as it is informative. Accompanied by a handy reference booklet, Home Video Hits is sure to please. 5

Writing for Video

Gene Bjerke (1997, Petrel Publishing, 312 Cary St., Williamsburg, VA 23185; 164 pp, $16)

Gene Bjerkes well-informed book provides a healthy introduction to all the various aspects of the audio/video scriptwriting profession. With copious examples from real working scripts, he breaks the scriptwriting process down into its component parts. From production research and visual brainstorming to providing industry-standard rules for stage directions, effects, transitions and camera work, Writing for Video covers its subject matter in detail.

The book utilizes an approach called the four “P”s: People, Purpose, Presentation and Production. It also provides a wealth of reference material for presenting works in several standard scriptwriting formats. Although beginning videographers and non-professionals may find Bjerkes presentation of industry-standard techniques a bit too detailed, those who are interested in pursuing A/V scriptwriting as a profession will find it a very useful guide. 4

Sony’s DCR-VX700 & VX1000 Digital Video Camcorder Instructional Video

Michael Yeager & Phebe Enfield (1996, KnowledgePath Video, 1630 N. Main Street, Suite 132, Walnut Creek, CA 94596; 80 min., $50)

Knowledge Path Video presents a video owner’s manual for Sony’s VX700 & VX1000 digital video camcorders. From the most basic to the most advanced operations, hosts Michael Yeager and Phebe Enfield demonstrate each function of these two cameras, explaining every button, switch, and feature along the way. If these cameras can do it, this video will show you how. But wait…this is not just an operations manual on videotape; there’s more. The tape also includes a variety of helpful tips: selecting tape, protecting the lens from damage, preventing condensation, cleaning and maintaining your camera, and many other useful tidbits, not to mention a cavalcade of shooting tips and techniques.

As Knowledge Path advertises, this video goes “way beyond instructional manuals to show you how to consistently achieve the highest picture and audio quality.” Divided into easy-to- identify segments, this tape is easy to use, and could be very helpful to the new camera owner. 5

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