In March of 1996, Women in the Directors Chair will present its 15th
annual International Film and Video Festival. One of the longest running
womens media festival in the country, this non-competitive event provides
a venue for a broad range of ideas, forms and representations. Training
material and promotional work will not be considered. Deadline for
submissions is September 29, 1995. Entry fees are $15 for students and
WIDC members, $25 for everyone else. To receive an entry form, phone
(312) 281-4988.

The 5th annual Berkeley Video Festival is now accepting entries from
independent videomakers. Categories include documentary, art, animation,
theater, dance, comedy, commercials and experimental formats. Deadline
for submissions is October 1, 1995. For entry forms and further info,
write to East Bay Media Center, 2054 University Ave. Suite 203, Berkeley,
CA 94704-1059; or call (510) 843-3699.

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