Entry Deadlines

The 2nd First Annual (yes, that’s right–2nd First Annual) Cacophony Drive-in Movie Festival will accept any original VHS or 16mm submission that’s 13 minutes or less. With an emphasis on fun and a campy, low-budget style, this festival is sure to bring out the Ed Wood in you. Participation is free, but be sure to include $3 if you want your tape back. Send submissions (postmarked before May 1, 1996) to Shelby Toland, P.O. Box 881911, San Francisco, CA 94188.

Student videomakers: the 1996 UFVA Student Film and Video Festival is accepting submissions in the Animation, Documentary, Narrative and Experimental categories. The festival is open to all college, university and graduate level students. Entry fee is $15; deadline for submissions is May 31, 1996. For an entry form, call 800-499-UFVA.

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