The fourth annual WorldFest-Charleston film festival will accept entries in a broad range of categories, including documentaries, short subjects, student productions, TV and cable productions, music videos, TV commercials and interactive media. Deadline for entries is September 1; for more info, write to Entry Director, WorldFest-Charleston, P.O. Box 56566, Houston, TX 77046; or call (800) 501-0111.

In early 1997, Women in the Director’s Chair will present its 16th annual International Film and Video Festival. This non-competitive event provides a venue for “a broad range of ideas, forms and representations.” Training materials and promotional works will not be considered. Deadline for submissions is September 29, 1996. Entry fees are $15 for students and WIDC members, $25 for everyone else. To receive an entry form, phone (312) 281-4988.

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