YesVideo Service Now Available at Walgreens

YesVideo Service Now Available at Walgreens

YesVideo, the video- and photograph-to-DVD transfer service available through drug stores nationwide, has announced that YesVideo services are now available through Walgreens’ 4,200 US stores. YesVideo will accept any 35mm slides and prints; 8mm, Super 8 and 16mm film; and VHS, VHS-C, S-VHS, consumer Beta, Mini DV, 8mm, Hi8 and Digital8 videocassettes. The finished DVD includes a keep case with thumbnail images keyed to the automatically-generated chapter marks, as well as a music montage. YesDVD conversions of up to 250 feet of movie film or 80 slides or prints are $50.


“Making movies is my vacation. All the rest – the traveling about to premiers, the social life, the endless arguments with producers who don’t understand me – that is the work.” –Federico Fellini, movie director

by Charles Fulton

Vegas 4 Editing Workshop

Douglas Spotted Eagle (2003, CMP books, 428pp with CD-ROM, $50)

Vegas power-user and instructional media expert Douglas Spotted Eagle has written an incredibly thorough book in Vegas 4 Editing Workshop that shows readers everything they’ll ever need to know about Sony Pictures’ newly-acquired flagship video editing software title. From setting up your computer to run Vegas, capturing footage and working with the timeline, to working with audio, compositing, color correction and outputting projects via tape, disc and streaming media formats, it’s all here in great detail. The book provides an impressive and very useful array of background material to help readers understand why particular features and parts of the process are the way they are. Vegas 4 Editing Workshop is very hands-on and remains accessible, taking readers carefully through procedures to get the best results possible.

Rating 5

Writing the Comedy Film

Stuart Voytilla and Scott Petri (2003, Michael Wiese Productions, 215 pp., $15)

Anyone looking for help honing their ability to write humor will find Writing the Comedy Film a useful reference. The book uses examples from preeminent screenwriters, such as Kevin Smith (Clerks) and Woody Allen (Annie Hall). The book references a broad collection of films, analyzing their collective comedic merit, as well as other examples of excellent writing. The various comic genres are all here: romantic comedies, black comedies, mockumentaries, parodies, satires, farces, ensemble comedies, teen comedies, sports comedies and more. Voytilla and Petri also explore some of the deeper elements of making comedy work as a helpful backgrounder. Definitely worth a look.

Rating 4

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