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Los Angeles Cinema Club

401 N. Brand

Glendale, CA 91205

Phone: 818-240-3940

Contact: Howard Lindenmeyer

Meetings: Last Friday of every month, Glendale Federal Bank (call for times)

Upstate Independent

409 Cole Rd.

Delanson, NY 12053

Contact: Mike Camoin

Phone: 518-895-5269

E-mail: videos4c@cris.com

Meetings: First Wednesday monthly, Borders Books, 2nd floor, Albany

Society of Amateur Videomakers & Cinematographers

3625 Kingsley St.

San Diego, CA 92106

Contact: Brenda Lantow, President

Phone: 619-222-1320

E-mail: savac@iname.com

Meetings: annual convention

Seeking Group or Will Organize

Dan L. Smith

2710 Willow Oak Circle

Charlottesville, VA 22901


Thomas J. Rice

68 Palisade Ave.

White Plains, NY 10607

Jason S. Read

129 Denham Ave.

Somerset, MA 02726-3716

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8 Tips for Making a Stellar First Video

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Worldwide TV Standards


This site does a thorough job of explaining why different parts of the planet
have different TV standards, the pros and cons of each, and the principles
of standards conversion. Accompanied by links to related reference pages.

Entry Deadlines

Rochester International Film Festival

Movies On A Shoestring Inc. is soliciting film and VHS cassette entries
for the 39th Annual Rochester International Film Festival. All entries must
be received by March 1, 1997. Judges consider artistry, ingenuity, cleverness
of presentation and skill and mastery of the medium. Send entry and $20
entry fee to Movies On A Shoestring, P.O. Box 17746, Rochester, NY 14617,
or contact Ellie Cherin, MOAS President at 716-271-2116 for more information;
email moas@wow.com.

SMARTfest 1997

The Student Media Arts Festival is accepting entries for SMARTfest 1997.
The festival is organized by and for students. Submissions must have been
completed after January, 1995, and be no more than 28 minutes in length.
Judges are seeking a wide variety of work demonstrating the concerns of
students of all ages. All genres and subjects are welcome. Entries must
be postmarked by March 1, 1997. Send to: SMARTfest, 31 Prince Street, Rochester,
NY 14607-1499. For more information, call (716) 242-0166.

Guidelines for Camcorder Technical Information

The Consumer Electronics Manufacturers
Association (CEMA) has developed a standardized presentation format for
camcorder technical information. Most manufacturers currently include a
specification page in their owner’s manuals; however, the information published
varies widely by manufacturer.

When manufacturers use CEMA’s "Recommended Practice," consumers
will be able to find standardized information regarding specific features.
The data will include recording format, video system, head configuration,
audio recording system, tape speeds, image sensor, lens, digital image magnification,
light requirements, audio/video outputs, external microphone input, recording
input connectors, visual displays, power consumption, input voltage, battery
type, dimensions, weight and accessories.

LA Cops to Get Video Cameras

Six years after Rodney King’s videotaped
beating sparked a national outcry against police brutality, the Los Angeles
Police Department will install video cameras in its squad cars.

In 1992, the Christopher Commission recommended the use of video cameras
as one of the 120 police reforms following King’s beating. Chief Bernard
C. Parks said that a pilot program had been ignored for years and that he
now wants to make video cameras standard equipment on all new patrol cars.

Leased Access David Beats Cable Goliath

Last spring, a lone leased access programmer
realized victory in a battle with the country’s largest cable operator,
Time Warner Cable (TWC). But you won’t see his achievement trumpeted on
the covers of the cable trade publications nor in FCC press releases. It’s
a victory which every independent producer who yearns to put his or her
programs on the air should celebrate.

Three years ago, Ron Harsh tried to lease time on the Emerald Coast Cable
system (then owned by Cox and subsequently sold to TWC) in Fort Walton Beach,
Florida. He diligently pursued his goal of producing a half-hour news program
although the cable operator consistently thwarted his efforts. He complied
with all of the operator’s demands, some of them reasonable, some of them
overt obstacles to his right to lease time. When the cable operator demanded
that Harsh’s company, United Video Productions, obtain a $3 million insurance
policy (at an annual cost of $3500), he decided to fight back by filing
a formal complaint with the FCC.

"I used information I learned from reading Videomaker‘s leased
access publications to argue that the requirement for producers insurance
was excessive," says Harsh. The FCC finally agreed, ruling in Harsh’s
favor last May by affirming that "the cost of obtaining the insurance
required by TWC appears to present an obstacle to United in obtaining leased

Harsh has since changed his original news program plan and will begin producing
and airing "Tourist TV" this spring. He feels vindicated by the
ruling. "Even though the petition took a year and a half to be resolved,
I hung in there hoping my victory would benefit others in the U.S. experiencing
similar problems with their cable operator."

Full-Motion Video Playback for Apple Laptops

iREZ Research Corp. announced CapSure,
a full-motion video capture card for Apple PowerBook 3400 and 2400 laptop
owners. CapSure provides full screen, 30 frames per second video preview
from any composite or S-video source.

ZoomedVideo is the technology which allows the add-in card to take analog
video signals from a VCR or camcorder and direct it into the screen’s video
buffer. This bypasses the computer’s system bus to deliver data at rates
up to 27MB per second and frees up the processor for other tasks. To store
the video onto the hard drive, additional Quicktime-based capture software, such
as the capture driver that comes with Adobe Premiereis required.

CapSure automatically switches to any world video standard and gives users
control over brightness, contrast, hue and saturation. Suggest retail price
is $150. The company also plans to introduce a PC version.

Canopus Corp. Announces DV-M1

A new player has arrived on the DV hardware
field. Canopus Corp. recently announced the DV-M1, a real-time, PCI digital
video adapter with breakout box. The kit joins Fast Electronic’s DV Master
as the only capture boards currently on the market that incorporate Sony’s
DVBK1 hardware codec technology.

The DV-M1 can transfer DV data directly between the camcorder’s digital
I/O port (IEEE-1394) and the computer, as well as convert any analog video/audio
source into DV format. It also incorporates multi-channel audio processing
and mixing, and additional hardware for digital audio processing and mixing
through an optical input. Direct digital audio sources include DAT, ADAT
and CD players.

The DV-M1 will ship in early February for $3499

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