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So you got something to say about the show? You gotta watch to critique!

We’ve received tons of feedback from our weekly vidcast and want to share a few of our readers’ and viewers’ comments (good and bad… maybe ugly, too!).

“I can identify well with your current cast and would only like them to relax a little. Realize that your audience is mostly geeks like you, no need to be nervous.” – Joel Longie.


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“Siskel and Ebert would give it two thumbs up! I especially enjoyed the ‘Tips and Tricks’ segment. As a videographer, I can never stop learning new ways of shooting video.” – Dan Banks

“In vidcast #47 Bits & Bytes, the itemized listing indicated ‘LG plans a dual Blu-ray/HD-DVD compatible HDTV display.’ I was disappointed that the lead-in wasn’t followed up in the CES report given in vidcast #48.” – Art Fumarolo

“I am a pretty big fan of the show; you used some of my videos in previous episodes. You did very fair reviews; I agree with everything you guys said.” – Jonathan Harchick

“I hope you don’t think I am being too critical but your vidcast shows up on my 17-inch screen about 4 X 2-3/4 inches, which is really small. Is there any way to get a bigger screen for your vidcast?” – Greg Hawkins

Are we listening? You bet’cha! For instance, Greg, we’re working on delivering a bigger HD version of the show for iTunes, and Joel, yes, we know. We often did appear nervous in the beginning. Most of us are behind-the-scenes techniques and techno-geeks, not on-air faces! But we’re having a lot of fun doing the show, and we hope you’re enjoying it, too. Please watch for future episodes as we grow and evolve.

If you haven’t watched lately, here’s a peek at some of the shows, and you can download or stream them anytime from the Videomaker Web site.

Our most recent episodes of Videomaker Presents:

Episode 65:

Video Bits & Bytes: Canon announces the HR10 AVCHD camcorder to be released soon for $1,199. It’s their first AVCHD camcorder and features the DIGIC 2 processor and HDMI output.

Tips & Tricks: Jennifer and Andrew go poolside with some underwater video tricks, without breaking the bank for expensive housing.

Take 20: We highlight Can’t We Go Back, a music video by the band Jackalope, produced by Scott Freiheit; it’s an excellent example of chromakeying with some interesting effects.

Hands On: Mark shows how videographers can use the trial version of Tiffen Dfx, which includes a multitude of common visual effects for both shooting video and post production.

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Episode 66:

Video Bits & Bytes: Mark points out the Smartsound collaboration with Sony Creative Software. Derek talks about the US military’s decision to block MySpace and YouTube. He also examines

Tips & Tricks: Jennifer interviews documentary filmmakers Andrew Burke and Morgan Paar about how to get a show onto Current TV.

Take 20: We showcase Her Eyes on the Goal, a sports video by Jeff Hillman.

Hands On: John explores Matrox’s MXO.

To add/view comments and for a complete list of URLs used in this episode’s stories, see Episode 66’s blog post.

Episode 67:

Video Bits & Bytes: John discusses Final Cut Studio 2 and Sanyo’s new underwater camcorder. Derek talks about YouTube channels and Photobucket.

Tips & Tricks: John shows how to record sound effects on location.

Take 20: A look at Untitled, an animated short by Rodrigo Albarron.

Hands On: Andrew gets tough with the Pelican 1560 Hard Case.

To add/view comments and for a complete list of URLs used in this episode’s stories, see Episode 67’s blog post.

Episode 68:

Video Bits & Bytes: Mark discusses Matthews’ M25 tripod and Blackmagic Designs’ Intensity Pro. Derek talks about and

Tips & Tricks: Andrew and Mark focus on lighting for chromakeying.

Take 20: Jennifer and Charlie review The Duel by James Miller.

Hands On: Mark shows us around Muvee AutoProducer 6.

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