Videomaker Presents Recap

Having The Best Video Shooting Fun with the Videomaker Editors!

It’s warming up, and Videomaker Presents brings you a few outdoor shooting tips as well as an insider’s peek as we go on location to several video events.

As always, watch for the latest news in the video industry and the most up-to-the-minute sharing sites in Video Bits & Bytes. Learn new techniques in Tips & Tricks, and join our editors are we critique user videos in Take 20. Watch for occasional special reports as we go On Location and take an up-close and personal look at some of the gear we review in Hands On.

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The Segments

  • Video Bits & Bytes: The latest industry news
    in video production, business acquisitions and
    video sharing.
  • Take 20: Videos by producers like you, sharing
    tips from lighting, camera techniques, editing
    and more.
  • Tips & Tricks: Some of our editor’s favorite
    tricks and techniques.
  • Hands On: An up-close look at some of the
    gear we review.
  • On Location: Videomaker editors attend and
    produce many video-related events, and will
    occasionally bring you a recap of the people,
    places and fun we had along the way.

Our most recent episodes of Videomaker Presents:

Episode 61

Our studio is a shambles as we prepare to tear the set down to ship all over the country for the beginning of this year’s Educational Tour. First stop: Los Angeles. Mark and Derek work around the mess in our Video Bits & Bytes segment, bringing you news about the Washington Post launching HD podcasts, and Panasonic announcements of two new 3 CCD AVCHD video cameras. Mark also has news from Sony Creative Software; Sound Forge 9 is now shipping with added support from many different formats like Flash. Derek tells us about, and Jumpcut.

  • Tips & Tricks: Jennifer shows how to avoid continuity errors in your video.
  • Take 20: John and Charlie continue showing us winners from our 2006 short video contest with Stewy’s Skate Park, our Best Corporate Video. This is a slick, catchy and well produced look at a skate park built in honor of a young man killed while skating on a public roadway.
  • Hands On: Mark has Bogen‘s newest Manfrotto HDV 501 tripod, designed with the larger HD camcorders in mind.

Episode 62

This week’s Videomaker Presents goes outdoors. Our studio is still in the state of upheaval due to packing for our upcoming Summit in Los Angeles, so we set up a “remote” studio on the patio of VMHQ. Meanwhile, John and Mark were in Las Vegas covering NAB, the National Broadcasters show, and they bring us a brief On Location report fresh from the show for our news segment of Video Bits & Bytes.

  • Tips & Tricks: Jennifer shows us how taking the camera from eye level to a low or higher level can change the perspective of a shot and enhance the emotional mood of your scene.
  • Take 20: Charlie and Jennifer show us The Crawfish Hunter, by John Westerlund. This video demonstrates a sweet example of how to get the kids into the act, and it’s edited tightly with the perfect length to share with friends.
  • Hands On: Charlie takes us on a quick tour of the JVC Everio GZ-MG555 camcorder, which includes a 30GB hard drive and a dock connection that allows for quick connection to a computer or television.

Episode 63:

  • Video Bits & Bytes: Mark has news on the new members of Apple’s Final Cut Studio line, and discusses camera support gear from U-grip and Kata. Derek is watching a couple of beta video sharing sites: and On Networks, featuring numerous on-line shows.
  • Tips & Tricks: Jennifer has a couple quick guerilla audio tips for recording voice tracks.
  • Take 20: John and Charlie show you an excerpt from a Public Access Cable show about animal adoption called Critter Corner.
  • Hands On: Mark looks at JVC’s Everio GY-HD7 and Share Station.

Episode 64:

  • Video Bits & Bytes: Mark has news on the new AVCHD Camcorders from Sony and new AVCHD editing support from Sony Vegas. He also brings you news on Pinnacle Studio 11 and Ulead MovieStudio 11. Derek talks about and, a 5-minute how-to video community for sharing your skills with the viewing audience. Also, a quick On Location video review from our LA Summit.
  • Tips & Tricks: Jennifer demonstrates a couple quick interviewing tips for shooting two people with one camera.
  • Take 20: Charlie and John offer up some constructive tips to a producer of travel videos after viewing Greek Temple in Taormina.
  • Hands On: Charlie looks at the eight-core workstation, Alienware MJ12-8550i, reviewed in this issue.

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