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Mixing it up with Videomaker Presents

Like the changing technology, Videomaker Presents is moving with the times, and once again we are in the design stages of creating a new look and more intensive reports. This month’s collection of full shows will change, and we will break out segments for easier uploading to an RSS server near you.

We plan to offer more tips and tricks along with closer “first looks” in our Hands On segment at the products that come through our doors, often before they’re even on the market. Those changes are happening soon, so stay tuned! Meanwhile, take a gander at the latest full version shows on the Web.

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The Segments

  • Video Bits & Bytes: The latest industry news in video production, business
    acquisitions, and video sharing.
  • Tips & Tricks: Some of our editor’s favorite tricks and techniques.
  • Take 20: Videos by producers like you, sharing tips from lighting, camera
    techniques, editing and more.
  • Hands On: A close up look at some of the gear we review.

Our most recent episodes of Videomaker Presents:

Episode 57

  • Video Bits & Bytes:Mark and Derek have news about JVC’s new GZ-HD7 and tell you about, plus some Free Final Cut Pro Plug-ins from Noise Industries. launches a new wiki for Video SEO. There’s a Viacom lawsuit against YouTube for $1 billion.
  • Tips & Tricks: Andrew has some rainy day shooting tips to protect your gear.
  • Take 20: Charlie and John look at the Videomaker/Sony Best Animation video winner Pencilman Meets Pencilgirl.
  • Hands On: Mark and Andrew bring you a special report from the Photo Marketing Association’s annual gathering.

Episode 58

  • Video Bits & Bytes: Mark has news on Sony’s AVCHD Camcorder, along with rebate news from Canon. Derek brings us more news on and iStockvideo, and reports on a festival using disposable camcorders.
  • Tips & Tricks: Jennifer teaches still photographer and art director Melissa Hageman some simple handheld tips for video, and Melissa creates a Spring has Sprung video using her new skills.
  • Take 20: Charlie and John look at Alien Earths, the Best Educational/Instructional Video entry from our 2006 short video contest.
  • Hands On:Mark features Sony’s HDR-HC7 camcorder.

Episode 59

  • Video Bits & Bytes:News with Mark and Derek on Adobe‘s big announcement: CS3 Production Premium software suite. Derek also has sharing news from imeem, metacafe, shinywhitebox and soapbox.
  • Tips & Tricks: Jennifer and Andrew bring you part one on Deceptive Shooting: this week’s tips are on using camera angles.
  • Take 20: A clever video from our Best Senior Videographer winner, Bert Kersey, with Side Effects.
  • Hands On: Mark looks at Canon’s compact consumer camcorder, the HV20.

Episode 60

  • Video Bits & Bytes: Mark has news from Avid which will deliver Media Composer and Avid Xpress Pro for Intel-based Macs. Iomega offers a new Power Pro Desktop Hard Drive. Derek has video sharing news on, a brand new site for Vloggers and tells you about an Internet production studio that has three shows going, with a great twist from He also has news from and a quick update on Revver.
  • Tips & Tricks: Mark and Andrew bring you part two of Deceptive Shooting, this time using depth of field.
  • Take 20: Charlie and John look at this year’s Best Student-Produced Video from Matthew Noel: Chef John Folse Culinary Institute’s Recruitment Video.
  • Hands On:Charlie shows you some features of the Gateway FX530XG Video Editing Computer. Read the full review here.

Jennifer O’Rourke is an Emmy-award-winning videographer & editor and Videomaker ‘s Managing Editor.

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