Seize the Power

If you’re headed over the river and through the woods this holiday season, you might want to take along some power. Most of us are attached to our electronics devices by strong umbilical cords that require house circuitry. But Power to Go AC/USB power supplies are portable power generators for all those devices that we want to carry wherever we roam.

From videotaping your travel adventure to running that DVD player in the back seat for the kids, these devices by Black and Decker [you know, those guys that deal in power drills and other tools] can power them all. The lightweight, compact power supplies power and recharge cell phones, PDAs, MP3 players, laptops, digital cameras, portable DVD players, camcorders and more. Black and Decker claims certain Power to Go devices can supply up to 9 hours of power, depending on how they’re used, and prices range from the smallest at $20 to the beefier, more powerful devices at $40. Products vary depending on your need, from airplane adapters to car-plug devices, so no excuses – it’s off to grandmother’s house you go!


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Online Movie Rentals – Becoming a Reality

Netflix and Blockbuster are going where many have tried and not succeeded before: online movie rental downloads.

Netflix began their Watch Now service at the beginning of this year, and by the summertime more than 10 million users had streamed movies and TV shows to their home computers. Availability of current popular movie titles like Letters from Iwo Jima and the hit BBC showThe Office is suggested as one possible reason the downloads have become so popular. As of this report, Netflix has more than 65,000 videos available for rent via the mail and about 4,000 titles available for instant download.

Meanwhile word is out that Blockbuster Entertainment also may be getting ready to stream video, through a partnership with Orca Interactive, a Web video IPTV middleware and applications company. The $3 million deal was signed in August.

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