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We’ve moved our upload time for our weekly vidcast to be available on Fridays, just in time for the weekend and to get you the latest news even sooner. Watch for our blog announcements Friday afternoon (if we’re not under deadlines!) Meanwhile, if you missed our recent blogs, here’s a recap of each show.

The Segments

  • Video Bits & Bytes: The latest industry news in video production, business
    acquisitions, and video sharing.
  • Tips & Tricks: Some of our editor’s favorite tricks and techniques.
  • Take 20: Videos by producers like you, sharing tips from lighting, camera
    techniques, editing and more.
  • Hands On: A close up look at some of the gear we review.

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Episode 52

  • Video Bits & Bytes:Industry news: DV Guru stops blogging, Canon announces the HV20 HDV camcorder and Panasonic announces the AG-HSC1U AVCHD camcorder. Video sharing:, allows users to utilize clickable text within an audio or video file;, a place for online discussions on worldwide political, social and cultural issues;, a video player for the independent filmmaker.
  • Tips & Tricks: Using Mark as her guinea pig, Jennifer has tips on how to apply makeup on the men you use as talent.
  • Take 20: Charlie and John show you Perception, by Jeffery Teitler of West Hartford Connecticut, the 1st prize winner of the 2006 Videomaker/Sony Short Video Contest.
  • Hands On: Brian Peterson shows off Sony’s HVR-V1U HDV camcorder.

Episode 53

  • Video Bits & Bytes: News: SmartSound Quicktracks offered for free to Adobe Premiere users, Alienware MJ-12 8550i Workstation with Quad-Core Intel Xeon processors finally is released. Sharing:,
  • Tips & Tricks: Mark has tips on colorizing your edited video for style.
  • Take 20: Mark and Charlie look at Rozwell, the second place winner from our Short Video contest by the Young Videographer winner of our 2005 contest, Hodges Usry.
  • Hands On: John shows you some of the features to JVC’s GY-HD200U HDV Camcorder.

Episode 54

  • Video Bits & Bytes:Mark and Derek have, Vidipedia and Gotuit.
  • Tips & Tricks: Jennifer, Mark and Andrew demonstrate different shot types, showing you how to use them effectively in your video.
  • Take 20: Charlie and John showcase our 3rd place winner of our Short Video contest: Creation by Stephen Strosin of Los Angeles.
  • Hands On: Mark shows Hitachi’s DZH5300A DVD-hard drive hybrid camcorder.

Episode 55

  • Video Bits & Bytes: Announcements from Corel with Ulead DVD MovieFactory 6 Plus and Imation introducing Water-Resistant, Inkjet printable Blu-ray Disc media. Royalty free music is coming your way via Wind-up records and YouTube while AT&T launches mash-up madness video contest for college hoops and DivX sponsors Stage 6 Online video film festival.
  • Tips & Tricks: Videomaker was invited to a special reception sponsored by the IDA, honoring this year’s documentarians nominated for Academy Awards. Jennifer talks to the pros about the gear they used and they share their advice to aspiring documentarians.
  • Take 20: John and Charlie show you our 4th place winner from our Short Video contest, an entertaining video for educators by Frank Farrel called U Gotta Choose.
  • Hands On: Charlie looks under the hood of Sony’s Vaio HD workstation.

Episode 56

  • Video Bits & Bytes:Mark and Derek cover the latest news announcements from Adobe, NVIDIA, Disc Makers and Sorenson. We also see muveeMix and revisit VideoJug.
  • Tips & Tricks: Jennifer and Andrew show us different ways to shoot yourself when you’re in the field working as a “One Man Band”.
  • Take 20: John and Charlie debut This Place, the Music Video winning entry from our Short Video contest by the band SonsOfDay.
  • Hands On: Andrew is back with a look at some features to Panasonic’s AG-HVX200.

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Jennifer O’Rourke is an Emmy-award-winning videographer & editor and Videomaker ‘s Managing Editor.

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