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Videomaker Presents: Vidcasting! Check Out Our New Look!

Beginning with episode number 47, Videomaker Presents has a new look, By the time you read this, we”ll have several shows sporting our new look. Tell us what you think. You can subscribe to Videomaker Presents via iTunes, FireANT and other podcast/vidcast aggregators, or you can add to your RSS receiver of choice, or go to our website to stream these segments separately.

The Segments

  • Video Bits and Bytes: The latest industry news in video production, business acquisitions, and video sharing.
  • Take 20: Videos by producers like you, sharing tips from lighting, camera techniques, editing and more.
  • Tips & Tricks: Our editor’s favorite tricks and techniques.
  • Hands On: A detailed look at some gear we review.

Episode 44

  • News & Technology: Mark has the latest news on Cyberlink optimizing products for Intel Core 2 Duo processors and HP’s free upgrade to Vista. NewTek has a free trial version of LightWave 3D and Sony has updates on Vegas 7. Derek tells us about, and YouTube being banned in Iran.
  • Tips & Techniques: A look back at some favorite tips from 2006: tripod features and user techniques.
  • Take 20: We’re getting ready to announce our 2006 contest winners, and this week we show our 2005 Grand Prize winner, Carbon Nation by producer Riley Harmon. This is a well-produced piece with one boy “cloned” into a full classroom of children. Definitely worth a second look!

Episode 45

  • News & Technology: Blackmagic ships HDMI Intensity and Mark has news from Panasonic and Red Giant. Then Derek has details on British TV BBC partnering with Zudeo.
  • Tips & Techniques: Reading color bars and monitor scopes from one of our favorite Best Of tips from last year.
  • Take 20: We take a look back at Beijing Golf Classic by producer Mark Wickham. This is a great example of animating still photos.

Episode 46

  • News & Technology: Mark tells you about the Sorenson Squeeze 4.5.3 update, which is a maintenance release that includes the addition of batch capture and error log. In Derek’s video-sharing news, he introduces us to a social network built around the video community: He also looks at some 2007 predictions at Then he tells us about Test Tube from YouTube. This brings together video sharing and instant messaging:
  • Tips & Techniques: Another Best Of episode with some of the Do’s and Don’ts of entering contests and some tricks to keeping your video in the game.
  • Take 20: A favorite: Sorry from then 17-year-old Hodges Usry, our 2005 Young Videographer winner. Usry is an incredibly gifted videographer using some terrific Hollywood techniques. Sorry portrays a young boy traumatized by an abusive father and is quite the chilling video. Watch for Hodge’s home-made crane shot. Definitely a budding producer to watch.


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Episode 47

  • Video Bits & Bytes: Industry news with Mark and video-sharing news with Derek. News from Adobe, Sony, Divergent Media and ScopeBox. We also tell you about a new launch by Yahoo: You Witness News Beta service. Derek has news on Cyn In [sign in] at, and from and
  • Tips & Tricks: Jennifer and John go on location to create some of the in-camera tricks from the February 2007 Basic Training column, 7 Super Cool Camera FX. We turn a sunny day into rain, create a fire-lit setting, and subtly create a more realistic “camera shake” move than those used in the old sci-fi TV shows.
  • Take 20: Mark and Charlie discuss Camp Cadets by Jonathan Harchick, a well-produced video for drumming up donations for the volunteer-driven Allegheny County Camp Cadet program. The camp has been provided by the Pennsylvania State Police since 1970. []
  • Hands On: Mark discusses Synk Audio’s MusicBed DV, an inexpensive but powerful program for the Mac that lets you create “customized” stock music soundtracks, a new approach to music creation.

The Videomaker Editors are dedicated to bringing you the information you need to produce and share better video.