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By Request: Videomaker Presents Changes for YOU

You’re speaking, we’re listening. Videomaker Presents is a work in progress, and we’re progressively changing to make your viewing experience even better. For example, recently we began condensing up-to-the-minute industry news into one-minute bites that we’re uploading daily via YouTube and on our blog. You’ve asked for more intensive tips and techniques, and we’ll be shooting, editing and presenting more inclusive packages that explain the tricks even better. So check out our new look by going to your favorite RSS download, or go to our Web site (www.videomaker.com) to view individual segments.

Some recent episodes of Videomaker Presents :

Episode 38

News & Technology: Mark and Derek discuss two powerful video-editing computers: Gateway’s Beefy FX530 workstation and Alienware’s latest laptop with a 400GB Hard Drive Capacity.

Tips & Techniques: John and Mark look at some simple ways to work with your color correction tools.

Take 20: Jennifer and Charlie take a look at Encroachment by producer Riley Harmon of Shawnee, Oklahoma. This is a haunting video that has a different spin on the suspense genre.


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Episode 39

News & Technology: Mark and Derek discuss the latest Battle of the Titans: Verizon and Comcast getting into video sharing. Plus a contest to create a music video for Moby.

Tips & Techniques: John and Jennifer give you some tips on low-light shooting and look at some legal and copyright issues.

Take 20: Charlie and John share How to Make a Movie, a comedic way to make a training video by Joshua Moore of Bakersfield, California.

Hands On: Mark shows off the Canon XH-A1 HD camcorder.

Episode 40

News & Technology: Mark and Brian talk about JVC’s latest pro HD camcorder announcement and AJA introduces a miniature converter for HDMI.

Tips & Techniques: This week’s focus: “The Business of Video.” John and Mark have some good ideas for videographers interested in video business ventures.

Take 20: Charlie and Mark look at a music video by producer Steve Schubert of Cambridge, Ohio called…Ohio.

Hands On: Travis White of Pinnacle Systems visits the Videomaker headquarters and gives John a demo on their newest update to the Studio MovieBox Plus.

Episode 41

News & Technology: We explore a couple of Offshore Sightings from Japan. JVC has a new Everio prototype while Panasonic is creating an AVCHD camcorder, plus the re-emergence of Public Access TV with community programs produced for the Internet.

Tips & Techniques: Charlie and Brian look at power management for lighting and have some good tips on the secrets of storytelling.

Take 20: Charlie and Jennifer show a clever classroom’s commercial video: Duct Tape.

Hands On: Mark and Charlie discuss the CalDigit external hard drive.

Episode 42

News & Technology: Mark and Derek tell you about Hitachi’s newest DVD/hard drive camcorder and have some great news on DVD and CD prices slashing by Primera.

Tips & Techniques: Jennifer and John look at the first of two parts on tips for picking the right light kit for your production.

Take 20: Charlie and Mark look at Highland Games by producer Mary Janet Henry of Charleroi, Pennsylvania.

Hands On: Charlie and Mark view HD content on the computer using a PCTV HD Pro Stick, a new device by Pinnacle.

Episode 43

News & Technology: Mark and Derek tell us about Samsung’s new development:a phone that delivers DivX media. Plus two new AVCHD camcorders from Panasonic and Zudeo.com, a new site we’re watching closely that supplies Hi-Def film download with a BitTorrent twist.

Tips & Techniques: Lighting tips part 2 with Jennifer and John with on-camera lights.

Take 20: Mark and Charlie look at Hi, I’m Bob, an outtake/blooper reel from Videomaker’s contributing editor, Hal Robertson.

Hands On: Charlie and Mark take a closer look at using Canon’s Console software.

The Segments

News & Technology:
The latest industry news in video production, business acquisitions, and video sharing.

Take 20: A look at videos by producers like you, sharing tips on lighting, camera techniques, editing and more.

Tips & Techniques: Some of our editors’ favorite tricks and techniques.

Hands On: A detailed look at some of the gear we review.

The Videomaker Editors are dedicated to bringing you the information you need to produce and share better video.


  1. Hi, i have a canon xha1 camcorder and im looking the console software to download. please help me.

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