TriLab Productions

TriLab Productions’ Digital Hotcakes Home Movie Essentials Volume 1 includes Travel and Theater-related intros, outros, transitions, 19 video backgrounds, 7 wipes and 14 overlays. Ten matching sets of DVD menu templates, cover art and label art are also included. Embedded sound effects are included with selected clips.

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Adobe Premiere Elements 3.0 adds a sceneline view that makes it easier to add transitions to your projects. The software still supports numerous capture formats, including DVD, digital cameras, cell phones and hard disk camcorders. New output formats include Flash, iPod, PSP and 3GPP, and matching menu backgrounds and DVD templates are provided.

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$100-alone, $150-with Photoshop Elements 5.0

Pinnacle Systems

Pinnacle Studio MovieBox Plus combines a USB 2.0 capture device with Pinnacle’s Studio Plus Titanium Edition, a microphone and a green backdrop for chromakeying. Studio Plus’ output options include disc, tape, mobile devices or full-resolution
preview to a TV monitor.

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