A Smidgen of Smidgits

A Smidgen of Smidgits

Smidgits is a unique take on distributing small-form video productions. They are distributing short videos via a video podcast that you can subscribe to via iTunes (however, you can also download individual videos via www.smidgits.com or view the videos via MySpace). The videos are sized for portable players, such as the Apple iPod Video and Sony PSP, as well as mobile phones and PDAs. Videos currently playing include Neighborhood News, a swipe at homeowners' associations; Bad Management, a look at the darker side of human resources; and Ninja Star in the Eye, a story that reminds us a bit of an episode of South Park.

YouTube Makes Vidcasting Easier Than Ever

Online video hotspot YouTube has just added more functionality to their video hosting and sharing service. You can now make your own "Channel" that friends, co-workers, or any other YouTube user can subscribe to. The new service seems to be the path of least resistance for getting your vidcast to the masses, or just sharing a fun video clip. The process is pretty simple; we uploaded a sample video and within minutes, we were able to check back to see how many people had viewed it. YouTube also started allowing community members to leave "video replies" back and forth. Fun.

If You Haven't Seen Videomaker Presents…

We've been busy cranking out the Videomaker Presents Vidcast, our video podcast that gives you the latest news in the world of video production, answers your questions, and critiques video produced by members of our community. A sample of our recent episodes:

Episode 14: NAB wrap-up, part 2. See the Steadicam Merlin, SmartSound SonicFire Pro 4, Sonic Blu-ray authoring tools, Chimera's newest light banks, Videssence's new fluorescent fixtures, and another look at the Canon XL H1.

Episode 15: Part 3 of our "How to make your own Vidcast" series, addressing editing and encoding. We perform a Take 20 critique on A Little Bit of Love, and we talk with Scott Memmott, our Director of Sales.

Episode 16: We handle the Panasonic AG-HVX200 P2 camcorder and Focus Enhancements DVCPRO HD DTE. Part 4 of our Vidcast series, addressing distribution. We hear from a teen videographer who had his video picked up by MTV, and we perform a Take 20 critique on the trailer for Expect a Miracle. We wrap up the episode with a chat with Kim Peoples, our Director of Marketing.

Episode 17: We show Magix Samplitude and a new K-Tek zeppelin for a shotgun microphone, along with a few new books on the shelf at your favorite bookstore. We show how to use a beanbag as a camera support, and discuss how to shoot flowers and insects with close-ups and macro shots. We perform a Take 20 critique on Choices, and we have a chat with Derek DeMarco, our Director of Production.

Get started with the Videomaker Presents Vidcast at www.videomaker.com/vidcast, and don't forget to give us feedback at editor@videomaker.com.

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