A History of Video Art

A History of Video Art

Is it really the 40th birthday of the consumer videotape recorder? The first portable video cameras came out 38 years ago (black and white, remember?). Imagine all of the footage that has been shot since the late sixties. The Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs has compiled a great four-disc DVD collection showcasing the history of video art. Each 80-minute disc covers a different decade from the 1970’s to the early 21st century. In one clip from the 70's, a man says into the black and white camera, something close to, " in the future, we may all have video cameras."

Some segments covered news of the era, others were for humor, some for pure art, some recorded anthropological events and others were to communicate ideas. Each segment has information on the work and its history. From the subject matter to the tools and techniques, to the clothes people were wearing, this is a fascinating look back on the history of video art. The exhibition will be available through August, 2008 for free public presentations in museums, galleries, libraries, cultural centers, and schools outside the States. FYI: USExpress@vdb.org.

The Videomaker Vidcast casts the Videomaker Makers

The employees of Videomaker magazine have produced the first Videomaker vidcast. From the editing bays located in the editorial department to various locations around our Northern California office, the thirty or so humans and one dog that produce this monthly paper publication have entered the world of RSS video. Watch Publisher/Editor Matt York and Editor in Chief Brian Peterson explain the world of vidcasting. Get a lighting tip from Technical Editor Morgan Paar. Learn about two new cameras from Editorial Assistant Mark Montgomery. Watch Managing Editor Jennifer O'Rourke's near-manic search for her tape dispenser, a la Milton in Office Space. And much more. Videomaker will be bringing you tips, techniques and the latest gadgets on the market via our Vidcaster.net feed on a regular basis, watch for more announcements soon.

To view, add http://www.vidcaster.net/videomaker/videomaker.xml to your favorite feed aggregator (iTunes, FireANT, etc.) Our Vidcast should also be listed on a few major feed indexes by the time you read about our new Web site.

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