One Marble Gravestone and a DVD, Please

One Marble Gravestone and a DVD, Please

I know quite a few people who make a decent living producing wedding videos and a person or two who cash in on courtroom depositions but this is the first we have heard of a funeral video business. But according to Alan Naumann, "the interest in funeral videos has been phenomenal." Mr. Naumann offers the service himself but claims that he has been contacted by videographers from all over the country requesting help in getting started in this niche industry. Seven years of funeral video experience has gone into this two disc set, Funeral Videos: Business Everlasting. The DVD and CD combo not only teaches you how to make a quality funeral video in a short amount of time but teaches you how to work with funeral homes, tells you the trends in the industry and instructs the viewer on how to make this a consistent source of income. I'm resisting the death innuendoes.

Aunt Mildred the Movie Star

The Home Video Studio has an interesting project brewing. One of their services is transferring 8mm and 16mm film to DVD. While watching millions of feet of America's home movies, CEO Robert Hanley thought to himself, "Wow, this is great stuff; I wish we could do something with it!" And the Great American Home Movie Project was born. While most historical documentaries deal with famous people or places, this film will put the spotlight on everyday people in natural settings. And you are the cinematographer for this feature length doc that they intend to release in theaters and on DVD. Customers who bring their home movies and videotape to Home Video Studio for transfer to DVD may elect to sign a release allowing Hanley to use their footage in the documentary. HVSI will offer a discount up to $100 to each customer who participates. Hanley and his staff will then review the footage and decide if any of the footage might work in the documentary. Here is your (and your ancestors) chance to be in the movies.

What's That Finished Video Doing in Your Closet? Let it Be Seen!


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Festival Watch

Women in the Director's Chair Film/Video Festival
Submission Deadline: November 15, 2005
Festival Date: No date currently available
The goal of the festival is to create a space in which a plurality of visions, representing very different cultural, political and personal
priorities, results in exchange and interaction.

Entry Fee: Check with festival organizers

Absolute Time Film Festival

Submission Deadline: November 15, 2005

Festival Date: March 2006

The Absolute Time Film Festival focuses on films that are written, directed or produced by under-represented communities. Narratives, Shorts, documentaries and animation.

Entry Fee: $35

Ann Arbor Film Festival

Submission Deadline: December 1, 2005

Festival Date: March 21-26, 2006

Featuring the latest in indie and experimental film, video and digital work from all over the world. DVD, Beta SP, 16mm and 35mm in exhibition.

Entry Fee: $35 before Nov. 1; $40 before Dec. 1

Smogdance '06

Submission Deadline: December 15, 2005

Festival Date: January 21-23, 2006

The Seventh Annual Pomona Film Festival wants to see your cinematic statement. Videos must be submitted for judging on VHS or DVD.

Entry Fee: $20 before Oct. 27; $23 before Dec. 1. $5 student discount.

Flint Film Festival

Submission Deadline: January 13, 2006

Festival Date: May 5-7, 2006

We want to be the festival for the "Little Guy" – new and low-budget filmmakers. Features, shorts, documentaries and music videos must be submitted on DVD (NTSC).

Entry Fee: $40 non-student, $20 college student, $10 high school student and younger

Canadian Independent Short Film Showcase

Submission Deadline: January 13, 2006

Festival Date: No date currently available

An annual showcase of short films from around the world presented to a Canadian audience of filmmakers and moviegoers alike.

Entry Fee: $20 USD

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