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VideoHelp.com’s DVD Player Compatibility List

VideoHelp.com is a site that makes a valiant attempt to answer the question, ‘Will this disc play in this player?’. The site’s legions of readers have shared information on hundreds of DVD players with experience on playing many types of optical discs. You can search for a player that plays the discs you need to use through the site’s detailed search facilities.


"If you read a lot of books, you’re considered well read. But if you watch a lot of TV, you’re not considered well viewed." -Lily Tomlin


Cinequest, in its 15th year, is accepting "maverick" short films through October 8 and feature films through October 29. You can submit applications online and receive a $5 discount for using Withoutabox. The festival will run from March 2-13, 2005 (venue information will be available in February). For more information, visit www.cinequest.org or call (408) 995-5033.


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The Mini DV Festival claims dedication to "showcasing films shot in pure digital format or on video," and is "devoted to the art of film making, and not the politics of what format it’s in." Submit your productions by October 31. The Festival will play December 10-11, at Raleigh Studios in Hollywood. For more information, visit www.minidvfestival.com or call (877) 997-2957.

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