Fight Club Fan Film Fashioned for $400

Fight Club Fan Film Fashioned for $400

A Belgian video team, using a modified Nikon F-2 still camera and a Canon GL2 camcorder together, produced Marla; a short video based loosely on the "Marla" character in Fight Club. The $400 video budget was spent mostly on food and videotape, according to producers Olivier Vanaschen and Sbastien Goyon.

Their Web site,, also features Just Facts: Another Guide to Digital Filmmaking, culled from their experiences in producing Marla, which includes step-by-step instructions on building a homemade MINI35, shooting tips and a post-production guide. Visit the Bonus section of their Web site to check it out. A full compliment of material related to the video is here, including the movie itself (encoded as QuickTime), deleted scenes, trailers, posters, stills and more.


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–Cecil B. DeMille


The Dance Films Association’s Dance on Camera Festival 2005 marks the 33rd year of the festival, said to be the oldest dance film/video festival in the world. The screening takes place in January at the Walter Reade Center in New York City, and gallery showings will take place throughout the month of January at the Dance Theater Workshop. Entries for the Dance on Camera Festival are accepted through September 25. The entry fee is $35, or $25 for students and members of the DFA. Previews are accepted on VHS, and screening copies are accepted on 35mm and 16mm film, Betacam SP (either NTSC or PAL) and DVD. For more information, visit or call (212) 727-0764.

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