Noisy Camera Wins Best of the Year?

Now, About that Noise

In Videomaker‘s February 2001 issue, which included your annual Best Products of the Year, you mention the Canon Optura Pi as the Best Single CCD Mini DV Camcorder of 2000. I noticed, however, that you did not give it such high praise in your review of this camcorder in the August 2000 issue. I quote: "When we powered up the Optura Pi we noticed a loud motor noise We heard the whirring noise on our tape In whole, this camcorder is noisy. Most users would probably be disappointed if they paid full price for it and heard the noise our test model made. This noise may be some sort of early production flaw that will be sorted out, but until then, don’t say we didn’t warn you."
By the tone of this review it would seem that "best of the year" stature is a great contradiction. What’s going on here?
J. Fred Woell
Deer Isle, ME

While the discernible whirring noise emitted from our Canon Optura Pi evaluation unit was a drawback, we should not have implied that all camcorders in this line would necessarily demonstrate this characteristic. The Optura Pi offers optical image stabilization, manual exposure controls and a maximum shutter speed of 1/4000, displays excellent picture quality and sells for a moderate price. When judged against other single-CCD Mini DV camcorders released in the 2000 calendar year, we liked the Canon the best.
The Editors


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VideoWave Acclamation Not Universal

I couldn’t help but notice your glowing report on MGI’s VideoWave. You named it Best Editing Software Under $100 in your February 2001 issue. Obviously, the reviewer was not among the dozens of frustrated users who populate the VideoWave e-group. This group was formed because MGI had to shut down its own forum due to its inability to handle the traffic regarding problems with VideoWave4.
I would hate to buy a car and have the manufacturer tell me to join a users’ group so that I could find out why it won’t start on Mondays.
Thom Speechley
London, ON, Canada

Editing software solutions in any price range can reveal chinks in their logic and functionality. But when judged solely on price and performance against other products in the same category released this model year, we feel our choice for Best Editing Software under $100 was warranted.
The Editor

Such a Deal

It has been almost four years since I came to the United States from Tibet. I went to college thinking I might take some film classes, but never had any luck.
I bought books on filmmaking. All they taught me was the basics about what filmmaking is and a whole lot about its history. While that is important, it really did not illustrate how to use the knowledge. The truth is, I never learned much. Then I came across the February issue of Videomaker.
Your magazine was full of information for all people who want to be video producers, unlike some magazines out there (that exist) just to sell products. Your magazine sticks to the facts what works and what does not.
I have learned a lot. I am planning to go to film school next year. Until then, I will keep reading Videomaker. Great magazine, great articles, great team.
Rabyang Thonden Gyalkhang
Seattle, WA

Couldn’t Put it Down

I picked up my first copy of Videomaker, the March 2001 issue, and was amazed at the content of the magazine. I read it cover to cover in one sitting.
My partners and I just purchased a video production company. The buyer’s guide clearly laid out the uses for, and pros and cons of each product; this will help us configure new systems.
We’ll continue to use your magazine as a valuable resource as we move ahead with the current business and branch out into exciting new areas.
Sherry C

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