Videomaker Replaces a Textbook

Light Backpacks

I am a student in a high school news program where we use your magazine everyday. Instead of textbooks our teatcher gives the whole class a subscription to your magazine. We frequently read your articles about editing and shooting techniques. Keep up the good work so our class never has to lug around heavy textbooks.

Galen Carter


Like a Fine Wine

Thank you Videomaker for acknowledging that age is not a barrier to creativity
and inspiration. Its very exciting to see Videomakers special effort to recognize
older video creators in the 2000 Videomaker/Panasonic video contest. Ive worked with many equally inspired
seniors who are now at a point in life to rediscover themselves and pursue their creative dreams.

Creative talent and passion, at any age, deserves to be valued and encouraged. Right on, Videomaker!

Jerry Chinn


Why Wireless Works For Me

An article in the September 2000 issue, To Wire or Not to Wire, states that wireless microphones are more susceptible to interference than wired mikes. In my experience the opposite is true. The unshielded cable which goes into the consumer camera mini input frequently picks up 60 cycle hum from the electrical wiring in schools, office buildings and meeting rooms. Using the wireless mike eliminates the problem. On one occasion, in a hotel, my microphone wire picked up a radio station. My wireless mike worked just fine. If camcorders had an XLR (balanced three pin) audio connection as the picture illustrated in the article, wired mikes would be less susceptible to interference. But with the consumer-style mini jack a good wireless, which is designed to cancel out unwanted frequencies, is often my best choice.

Carol Burns

Olympia, WA


8 Tips for Making a Stellar First Video

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8 Tips for Making a Stellar First Video

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Passion Over Profession

In appreciation of your bold response to Mr. Dustin Daniels (September 2000 In Box), I feel compelled to write this thank you note for speaking out the truth. Words alone simply cannot express my gratitude for your motivating and respecting the talent and creativity of amateur video producers. Maybe thats why we make videos, because a video speaks far more than a thousand words!

My interest in making video started with a wedding video my wife and I received as a gift from my best man. From it, I was inspired to put together a music video for an evangelical drama I was involved with. The music video has been well received with applause for its professional qualities, but I know better – its the zest to reach out, the urge to get messages across and the creative fire burning inside that really make a difference.

Mr. Daniels is right, many of us dont have professional training and experience. But the most important thing in a video is the human feeling, the emotion,
the message and the idea that we want to communicate. Your magazine, and the improving technology, have provided us
the tools, the knowledge, the inspiration and the encouragement we needed to communicate using video.

KT Chiu

Milpitas, CA

Thanks for the Straight Talk

I think of myself as very much an amateur videographer who has gained whatever competence I have as a result of much trial and error born out of the frustration of slogging through the typical technical jargon that so often makes up the content of many electronics publications. Sometimes the manufacturer-provided instruction manuals are the worst offenders if one can understand these instructions, one can probably get along without them! Videomaker is so helpful because it speaks to the needs of those of us who are less than professionals yet the publication maintains its professional quality and competence a winning combination for me!

Michas Ohnstad

North Branch, MN


In our recent review of Interactive Solutions MovieWorks 4.6 Multimedia Software (September 2000 issue) we reported that the software was unable to perform video-style transition effects and that users were not able to add fades to audio clips. We have since verified that it can do both. We apologize for any inconvenience resulting from this error.

-The Editors

The Videomaker Editors are dedicated to bringing you the information you need to produce and share better video.