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Good Things for Good People

I have been a subscriber to this amazing magazine for a long time. You folks have inspired me more than you will ever know! I met someone seven years ago who had collected Videomaker since its third issue. Since that day, I have been addicted to anything and everything to do with video, pre- and postproduction.

At that time my little girl was only three years old. She has spina bifida. I borrowed my friends camcorder and began filming my daughter. I used his editing equipment to edit together a video (my first) featuring my daughter.

I premiered it on Thanksgiving Day 1993 for my wife, daughter and relatives. I will never forget their faces, we all cried and laughed and hugged each other. The feeling of pride and fulfillment I felt that day was something I had never felt before.

When my friend went nonlinear, I bought his equipment. Since then, I have made many videos for my family and friends. My heart and soul go into every project. Thank you.

Tim Dennis


Thanks for your letter, Tim.

Your hard work and determination is the key to your success, we simply sent you instructions. I appreciate you taking the time to let us know about the fruits of your efforts. Congratulations on "making it" in video production. – Matt York

A Tool for Teachers

For the first time yesterday I picked up and read your fine magazine. I now see what I have been missing by not being a regular reader! As a teacher of communications technology at the high school level, I am always looking for resources in the field as well as ways to stay current in my job. To that end I will shortly be installing two new computers in my classroom, with Adobe Premiere. I hope to buy a digital camcorder with FireWire capabilities to maintain image and sound quality. I am excited with the direction we will be taking with this new equipment. I currently run a Sony Betacam SP linear system. This is an excellent system as Im sure you know, and I am happy to have it. However, the future beckons!

I can honestly say that I read your Special 13th issue of Videomaker from cover to cover. It dealt with nonlinear software, hardware, and a variety of practical editing skills. On the strength of this issue, I intend to subscribe to Videomaker for my students and my own edification.

Once again, you have an excellent magazine, which has been of great use to me and will be an excellent resource for my classroom. Keep up the excellent job. I already have enough information from this one issue to assist me in more than a few lessons.

Chris Malcolm

Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada

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How to Make a

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Just yesterday, my girlfriend and I stopped in a bookstore at our local mall. We split up to browse, and I randomly skimmed by the magazines. With a little neck bending and twisting, I stumbled upon Videomaker magazine and I was thrust with a charge of excitement. As a graphic designer for a local magazine, Id like to congratulate you on a well-composed publication. Ive sworn to myself, as a film student, that I will work to help digital video become utilized significantly in the film business.




In the May 2000 issue Digitizing and Capture Card Buyers Guide grid we listed Pinnacle System products Studio DV, Studio MP10 and DV500, as Less Than Full-screen Full-motion capture cards. All of these products have full-screen full-motion capture capability and should have been listed in the Full-Screen Full-Motion grid. We apologize for any inconveniences that may have occurred due to this error.

-The Editors

Mike is the Editor-in-Chief of Videomaker and Creator Handbook