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Praise from the Azores

I read several video magazines but Videomaker is my first choice. I believe that positive comments from your readers can help you do your job better, so I decided to let you know what I thought of your February 2000 edition. It was outstanding. I thought the Video Tips card that came with the magazine was a terrific idea and it was very well done.

I would like to thank the writers and designers who all did a terrific job. The magazine has colorful and nice pictures that relate well to the articles. The Light Source column in the February 2000 issue is a good example. I buy this magazine for two main reasons: I want to learn how to produce better videos and I want to know about new technologies that can help me do my job right. Thanks Videomaker.

Paulo Felicicano

Terceira Island, Azores

Mad about Matrox


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I really have to wonder about the editorial integrity of your magazine when I see that you named Matrox RT2000 as "Best Computer Video hardware – More than $1,000". Did you just decide to breeze over the first of your criteria? "Availability: the product must have been shipping in the 1999 calendar year and it must have passed through Videomaker editorial offices.%quot;

As of January 2000, the RT2000 was still not shipping. The only people I know who have seen it (in early 2000) had to go to Montreal to do so because it still had a large bug list. Not a good way to start my subscription.

Robert W. Saint John

San Francisco, CA

Robert, we appreciate your concern. You are not the only one to question this. Please read the following response from Matrox.

-The Editors

Matrox Responds

With regards to the availability of RT2000 units, we fully expected to ship out production units in volume in the fall of 1999, otherwise we would not have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars in the fourth quarter for advertising and promotion. As the Videomaker staff witnessed last October when an RT2000 system was at Videomaker headquarters, the product was in its final stages. Unfortunately, the lengthy process of software validation was underestimated and led to delays in large volume production and shipment.

While we did send out a small number of units to our dealers just before Christmas, the bulk of production did not happen until earlier this year. Magazine deadlines being what they are, by the time we realized there would be a significant delay in RT2000 production shipments, it was already too late to correct our mistake. I sincerely apologize for the heat Videomaker has taken on this issue.

Spiro Plagakis

Vice President of Sales and Marketing

Matrox Corporation

A Good Education

I’d just like to let you know that Videomaker has been a very good source of education for me. The magazine has helped me decide what to buy, how to work on a project and it’s shown me the best way to accomplish a certain type of a project. Since I’m a video major at De Anza college I need to do a lot of projects, and reading Videomaker has helped me become successful in the projects that I have done in the past year. Videomaker‘s articles are very interesting, fun to read and include plenty of helpful hints and tips.

Mathew Elieh



In Benchmarks in the January 2000 issue of Videomaker, we incorrectly listed the name of the Matrox Realtime Pro-Edit Workstation as the Matrox Pro Edit Realtime Workstation. Additionally, we neglected to mention that the system includes DV in/output as an available option. The blue A/V breakout box and speakers pictured in the photos are not included at the base price we listed.

The Editors

The March 2000 Turnkey Nonlinear Editors Buyer’s Guide incorrectly listed Sony VAIO workstations as having S-video in/outputs. They do not. We regret any inconveniences that may have been caused as a result of this misprint.

The Editors

The Videomaker Editors are dedicated to bringing you the information you need to produce and share better video.