Videomaker Workshops Needed Outside of Chico

From Sea to Shining Sea

I am a Videomaker subscriber and thoroughly enjoy each issue. I’m an amateur videographer and have learned everything I know from the magazine. However, I have one minor criticism. Much of the magazine appears to assume that all of your readers live in California. As a New Jersey resident, I can attest to the fact that it’s clearly not the case. I recognize that you will be having your expo in New Jersey this year, but I find it alienating when the bulk of your workshops are held in Chico, California. Is there anything that can be done to accommodate readers in the other 49 states? Please don’t lose sight of the fact that Videomaker is a national publication. Keep up the excellent editorial work.

Jeff Cioletti
North Brunswick, New Jersey


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We didn’t forget—that’s why we have expos on both coasts and a Videomaker Cruise Workshop in the Caribbean. It’s harder to find an economical way to transport our hardware-and-personnel-heavy workshops around the country, however. It would be easier for you to fly to Chico. Our invitation stands.

-The Editors

If I Only Had a Casablanca

Color me massively disheartened by your May Edit Suite column "Editing: Linear or Nonlinear?" Actually, disheartened is the understatement of the millenium. The statement, “competence drops precipitously with price” really hit home. I have sunk so much money into my “boat anchor,” I could have started with DraCo’s Casablanca.

I chose the Windows 95/Miro/Adobe route. It crashes due to a conflict with the kernel32.dll. My battle is six months old. Tech support is flimsy at best, and at this point, I don’t have a clue where to turn. I suggest staying away from the so-called “under $5K” computer video editing market. Help!

Larry Ferguson

Newport Beach, California

Growing Up in the "Biz"

I’m a sixteen-year-old boy living in Knoxville, TN, and a regular subscriber to Videomaker Magazine. When I was eleven, I was struggling to produce a ten minute promo of my school’s swim team, using a Videonics’ mixer and titler and two consumer VCRs. Now, I’ve got my own video "Biz," taping wedding after wedding after wedding, and for a pretty good price. I have two Sony DV camcorders (VX-1000s) and edit my master programs on a Pentium II 333MHz computer with an awesome new FireWire board (DPSpark). I’d just like to say what a super job you’re doing at Videomaker, and keep up the great work!

Adam Mills

Knoxville, Tennessee

Brazilian Kudos

I just want to give you my congratulations about your Viewfinder column. I’m a videographer and Social Communication Assessor for our city hall. I also help administer a local TV channel, TV Cultura de Itabira.

As time goes by, I’m learning more and more that the truth has more than one side. For example, when I was only a videographer, my opinion about political concepts had one angle of vision. Now I’m living in the other side of this story. I have been learning, through possibilities and limitations, what we can do to have social justice.

These experiences certainly have enlightened me to evaluate the better options of choice. Currently, our government is debating TV’s publishing line, and after reading the column called "Videomaker‘s Vision," (April 1998) I’ve noted that you hit the target again. Your ideas affect the beliefs and the behavior of our constituents, and I’m sure that thinking and believing in the truth, we are going to have a better place to live.

Like you said, “may the truth rise to the top.” Thank you!

Fernando Cézar Martins Leal

Itabira, Brazil

Thanks for being motivated to seek the truth. Thanks to video technology, you have become a beacon, shining your light on the truth! Thanks for being a part of the Videomaker community.

-Matt York

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