DV Master Wins 1997 Best Product Response

FAST Remarks
Thank you for the coverage on the award winning DV Master in your recent review of the Canopus DVRex product ("Another Star Is Born", June 1998 ). As the leader in PC video editing FAST is flattered by the comparison and we feel this new product validates our long standing approach in DV editing. DV Master is the standard by which all others should be measured as witnessed by its many awards including a 1997 "Best Product" award from your publication.

We’d like to add some information that did not make it into the review. For example DV Master has been priced at $3295 (MSRP) for some time now which evaporates any price advantage, especially when one considers that professional YUV output is included with DVM as well as the full version of Media Studio Pro 5.02 and we’ve recently added Final Effects from MetaCreations to the bundle.

Additionally FAST includes a very helpful logging, capture and playback application called DV Manager. We have rock-solid NT drivers and are in our third major features update of the software (DVM 1.3) which is offered free to our users on our web site. DV Master is also the only solution that is fully DVCAM compatible. We have also shipped our new DV Master Pro solution with in:sync’s exclusive Speed Razor DV software. We can only assume that the reviewer was not aware of these facts as it had been some time since reviewing an early version of the product over a year ago.

While we respect the reviewer’s opinion… FAST’s long history in PC editing, it’s innovative products and support, along with the thousands of professional DV Master users around the world, are proof that while there may be many stars in the sky one shines brighter than all the others… DV Master!

Thank You,
Tom Patrick

PR Manager
FAST Multimedia U.S., Inc.

Something For Everyone
I am an independent video producer who has been reading your magazine for a few years now. In those years, I have noticed how your magazine has changed from strictly a video magazine into a half and half magazine between both video and computer video applications. Recently, I have also noticed how you seem to be dabbling into the world of film, with such references to filmmakers and film techniques. I am thrilled! Many people I know believe that the worlds of film and video are very far apart. But in reality, they are very close and getting closer day by day. I am not sure if you realize how many filmmakers there are out there who read your magazine for tips and techniques, but I am one of them and very proud of it. After all, video has become the cure-all against the expensive cutting room floor. Thank you for your fine magazine.

Michael Tesh

It’s Easy When You Know Where to Look
I always wanted to learn about video editing, video terms and special effects. I have also been interested in learning more about how to improve the video that I record with my camcorder. Thanks to Videomaker I have done just that. I have learned a great deal about editing from Jim Stinson’s Edit Suite column. I have also been able to increase my understanding of video vocabulary.

I have recently purchased a Sony video camera and I just love it. Thank you for making my life more interesting and knowledgeable. I will continue to look for exciting topics in future issues of Videomaker.

Mark Ahrens

Keep Them Coming
I read Videomaker every month and I really think it is great! The article "Steal From the Best" in your April ’98 issue, is the kind of information I really like to read, I hope you keep publishing these types of informative articles. By the way, did you know that in the Dominican Republic many people are dedicated to video production (weddings, birthday parties,etc.)? I would like to see more articles on these topics.

José Nina
Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

Thanks for your letter, José. Please watch for a piece on anniversaries in our November Projects That Pay column and thanks for reading Videomaker Magazine.

–The Editors

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