Everyone is Special

I think you omitted a couple of pointers from your article, "Capturing That Special Event" (Videomaker‘s Guide to Home Video). In my experience, professional videographers at special
events can spend more footage on attractive people rather than important
people. They can omit the honored guest, Aunt Minnie’s last visit ever or
Uncle Joe’s toast in favor of the kids, young couples, and Hollywood-type
titillations and sentimentality. When I videotape an event, I try to capture
everyone there because I really don’t know who is important. If one tries
to get everyone to say something, to the bride and groom, for example, the
honorees can select the people that they care about to be in the final edit.

This is true of family videographers, too. They focus on the kids at the
birthday party, not thinking ahead to the time when the parents and adult
friends are older, the grandparents, aunts and uncles gone and these precious
moments with them are lost forever.

Margot Smith

Berkeley, California


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Video Blessings
I recently was able to install a video
system for our church so that we could produce videos and all the information
that I based my buying decisions on came from Videomaker. There is
enough info in three issues to keep me going for months. I hope you all
get very rich. And when you do, feel free to donate your old video equipment
to us. Just kidding on that, but thanks for all that you offer in the magazine.

Craig Harwell


Where’s the CTL?

In your November Edit Suite column (How
to Use Time Code), as well as your in-depth time-code article in September
(Time Code is on Your Side), you failed to mention an important development
in time code: CTL. Unlike SMPTE and VITC time code, CTL time code writes
its data in the control track so that the video and audio channels are not
disturbed. Like LTC and VITC, it also allows the programming of user bits
to identify the source of the material, subject, location and other pertinent
information. CTL time code can be used with–or added to–any VHS or S-VHS
tape recorded in the SP mode.

David Walton

JVC Professional Products Company

Elmwood Park, New Jersey


Sorry for the oversight; we know CTL time code to be a viable alternative
to SMPTE and VITC systems. For a closer look at a deck with CTL time code,
see the review of the JVC Professional SR-S365U S-VHS editing VCR in our
February 1997 issue, page 39.

–The Editors

A Technophile’s Philosophy

You asked readers to evaluate the article
on page 62 of the September issue ("Reels on Wheels") but the
three value choices don’t even touch the surface. Dr. Creech’s setup is
inspiring to all of us but what I really want to know is: how is everything
hooked up? Where is that TBC hooked in? Where does the Sansui plug in and
how about a couple of words on how he handles sound? While you’re at it,
could you mention why he uses two monitors?

I love your magazine but please remember that technophiles like me think
no photo can replace a good schematic.

J. Paul Dillinger

Kailua, Hawaii

To keep technophiles and technophobes happy, we’ll include equipment lists
in the edit suite photo essays in future issues. For now, we’ll leave the
wiring to you.

–The Editors

Where are the Digital Effects?

According to the buyer’s guide in your
special issue (Videomaker Guide to Home Video), the Canon ES970 8mm
camcorder has six digital effects. When I bought the camcorder, I found
that it does not have any digital effects. It’s still a great camcorder
but I’m a little disappointed.

Harold Winster

Chicago, Illinois

Canon’s ES970 and ES870 8mm camcorders have six program AE (auto exposure)
modes and no digital effects. We apologize for your inconvenience.

–The Editors

Video Prodigy

I liked the article entitled "Shooting
Back: Teenage Videographers Hit the Screens" (August 1997). I am a
15-year-old and very interested in video. Your tips and techniques have
helped me considerably in my videos and even helped me and my friend, Blair
Trosper, win a contest with our video Drugs and Death.

Matthew West


Congratulations, Matthew! Thanks for reminding us that creativity has no
age barriers.

–The Editors


We listed the wrong address for Focal Press
in the book reviews on page 14 of the November issue. The correct address
is: 313 Washington, Newton MA 02158.

–The Editors

The Videomaker Editors are dedicated to bringing you the information you need to produce and share better video.