Press Principles
I just read “Press Principles” (Stephen Muratore’s June 1995 “Pause” column) and I was so impressed I had
to write. For some time, I have been concerned about the established sources of news and opinion available
in this country. I believe that the outcome of the November 1994 elections were the result of the “new
networks” and talk radio.

I hope and pray that this happened in time to save America. Keep up the good work, and may God bless you.


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8 Tips for Making a Stellar First Video

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Ronald McTaggart
Melbourne, Florida

Leased Access Notes
The new Senate Telecommunication reform bill (S.652) contains language in Title IV which is harmful to
both leased and public access. It specifically prohibits obscenity, indecency and nudity.

I have no problem with restrictions on legally defined obscenity (which is not protected by the First Amendment), but what about nudity and indecency? How does the government define either of these
terms? Presumably the FCC or an appointed panel will define them, and I shudder to think what definition
they might come up with.

I am hopeful that commercial entities like Videomaker will join with other public interest groups in fighting telecommunications deregulation.

Jamie Kravitz
No address given

Words from Videomaker’s Web Site

I have been buying your magazine for some time, and just started subscribing. The first issue that arrived in the mail mentioned your new Web site. I am impressed with what you have done. I’m not in the video industry per se; rather, I’m a software engineer working on multimedia applications, so digital video is a natural.

Anyway, I like your Web site, and look forward to more issues of your magazine. It seems like every issue has several very informative and interesting articles.

Paul J. Perry
No address given

This is a top-notch WWW site! I think I have found my new home on the Web, as this site addresses so many of the issues I’ve been searching for.

Even though I’m fairly new to DTV, I look forward to immersing myself in it through this page.

Thanks a million.

Derek Moscato
No address given

I read Matthew York’s Column in the July issue and wanted to check out your new Web site. I think it’s
great that y’all are making use of the Internet. Everything looks great–keep up the good work. I will
definitely be back.

Wes Sutton
Arlington, Texas

I agree with the mission of Videomaker and strongly promote this philosophy to anyone I
exchange mail with. You are one of the few knowledgeable sources on the Net for up-to-date, factual

Robert Wakefield-Carl
Ulead Systems, Inc.

How Many Videomakers?
The May issue requested submissions of answers to the question, “How many videomakers does it take to
screw in a lightbulb?”

Here are two:

1) None. You can always add the lightbulb in post production.

2) Lightbulbs? After all that equipment I bought, who has money for lightbulbs?

Thanks again. I enjoy your magazine, and I like the layout and organization of your web site.

Dan Gruen

San Diego, California

Q. How many videomakers does it take to screw in a light bulb?

A. Who needs a lightbulb? The salesperson told me this was a 0-lux camcorder!

Chester Orland
Austin, Texas

From Our Reader Service Card Responses…

A very informative magazine, even for the amateur enthusiast such as myself. Keep up the good work.

Robert L. Burgan
Columbus, Georgia

I’d like to see more product reviews with objective ratings and recommendations.

Dean Sorenson
Moorestown, New Jersey

This is a very professional publication, with a good selection of topics. The articles are extremely

R.A. Lopez
Phoenix, Arizona

Videomaker needs more technical information. The articles are too brief.

Keith Renn
Sellersburg, Indiana

As a broadcast journalism college professor, I value the insights Videomaker gives me. It’s the
best publication of its type on the market.

James Reppert
Magnolia, Arizona

Videomaker is popular in Singapore, but products advertised are hard to find over here.

Abdul Rajak Ahmad

You seem to have all but deserted the Toaster and Amiga–shame on you! It’s vacationing, but not

Mark Sitter
Brookfield, Illinois

Videomaker is a great educational magazine. I enjoy having all of this knowledge at my desk. I
also enjoy the use of humor in the articles.

Jean Winter
Clinton, Michigan

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