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In the April 2008 issue of Videomaker, publisher Matt York put a question to our readers in his editor’s column, Viewfinder. In it he lamented the costs of publishing a print magazine and the diminishing advertising dollars, and asked how you, our readers, prefer to read our publication: in print or on the web. You responded, en masse, with preferences, personal stories, and even a comparison chart. We heard from a farmer’s wife, film students, retirees, doctors, web designers and even a reptilist. Not surprisingly, many of you enjoy the feeling of holding the magazine in your hands, and taking it to locations you can’t take a computer. Others use it as a starting tool when they do more extensive web research on a product. Still others prefer to simplify their snail-mail postage and find our website answers their needs. Below is a cross-reference of a few of your responses and concerns.

– the Editors

Print vs. Internet

Hello Sir York (grin)


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I need the paper Videomaker. I cannot always have a computer with me. I read the magazine in bed, watching TV, even in the steam room at my gym. I would pay more to keep paper.
When I am through with a magazine, I leave it at the gym between the sauna and steam room. I have seen people pick it up and read it. Just my vote. Mighty fine job with the web stuff BTW.


Mag or Web?

The magazine is much more versatile in its conveyance. It doesn’t rely on batteries, it can be folded and put in my coat or jeans back pocket. It is lighter. It can be read more conveniently in more places: the bathroom, the car while waiting on kids or wife, in the ladies’ department while my wife tries on clothes. It takes up less space on the bed side table. I don’t have to worry about knocking it off or dropping it, don’t have to wait for it to boot. It doesn’t glare, the display doesn’t wash out when used outside, you don’t have to have access to WiFi. The web is better at showing examples, but for easy access to how to’s the mag rules.

Mike Rockwell

Paper Copy

I’ve only been reading the magazine for a couple of months now and I really like it. I like the paper magazine better because of my job schedule. I travel a lot with work and I’m never at my computer long enough to do any reading online. Plus if I’m going to read a whole magazine like I do with Videomaker; I’d rather have a hard copy. I don’t like to stare at a computer monitor to read. I take the magazine along with me to work and I read it on the road. I love it.

Philip Spinks

Paper vs. Digital

I enjoy seeing your magazine hit my mailbox each month. I have not been subscribing long but have just renewed and look forward to a long relationship. Your internet site is an excellent addition for the hands-on and video enhancements but it can’t compare to holding the magazine, flipping through the pages, putting it down then picking up where you left off. I have my back issues right beside the computer station and can pull them out and review a particular edition in between commercials or on the deck out back. I can’t do that with the web-based version.

Ken Rae

London, Ontario, Canada

Paper or Website: that is theQuestion

This one is easy for me to answer. New to the whole experience of DV cameras and computer editing, yet an old hat from the days of stacking VIDEO players on top of each other with expensive FADE and WIPE machines wired between them to produce my work, then having Videomaker and the website available to me are BOTH as essential to my current education and understanding of how to make my business work this time around in history.

Hard pressed to choose just ONE, as it would be to choose between chewing or swallowing a delicious piece of cheese cake. Leave out One and the Other choice is only half as enjoyable! I’m pleasantly HOOKED on both mediums and I don’t plan on finding a cure for either! I’ll keep you both! And I thank You for such wonderful work!

Sid Grimm

Film Maker

Paper or Electronics

I personally enjoy reading a paper version of Videomaker magazine… I also enjoy the website… The best of both worlds… Please continue the magazine… Thank you

James J. Szczecinski

4 year subscriber and running

Print vs. Internet Feedback

My thoughts:
1. The print version is not quite high quality. Each issue seems to have misspelled words, and rather poorly written articles. For example: page 34 of the April, 2008 mentions “jib”. So what the heck is a jib? A sail? A snide remark? The article assumes the reader knows what a jib is. By not explaining the term this article shortchanges the subscriber.

2. The best part of the Videomaker community is the online “How to” instructional videos. One of the best parts of these instructional videos is a list of internet resources. This is best illustrated in the recent video about car chases.

Dan Benson

Klamath Falls, OR

Which Format?

You always have great “text” information, I’d like to see it also in a video format. I’d even be willing to pay more for this feature. Lynda.com is one of my best training sites, I’d like to see you do something similar for video.

Tom Terrific

Prefers the Mag

I prefer the paper mag, even though the Internet is the new media and will continue to grow in strength in the future. Advertising is taking a new twist with the advent of the Internet. The printed page has always been the viable source for someone wishing to promote items of description and detail. To get the full benefit of the Internet, one must constantly be online, either searching for new informational input, interacting with others, and a multitude of other reasons or uses. While on line, does one get the exposure to the variety of items a magazine has to offer?

In a magazine, one has a multitude of information visually being presented, either in picture or writing. Someone might skip over some info the first time while searching for something of more immediate interest. Yet that magazine sits there for days, weeks maybe months. And one has the opportunity to glance back over it for reference or to review subjects that one missed previously and have become presently more pertinent. The advertising in the magazine is also a plus, promoting the items of greatest interest and the latest products. I feel the interaction of the magazine and the use of the Internet for How-To Videos and providing a source for individuals to have a vehicle to discuss video production problems and successes as well as sharing their creations, is a viable and useful service.

Let me take this opportunity to congratulate you and your competent staff on the creation of a most useful and well presented magazine.

Jim Barton

PLEASE don’t discontinue the paper mag!!!

Today I read the current issue in the “sale barn” while sheep and goats were selling!!! I’m a farmer’s wife and a video editor and don’t have time to ever sit down and read (haven’t had 8 hrs. of sleep in almost 30 yrs.) I have to read wherever I can take the magazine. I love being a videographer and tell people I have to do it to support my husband’s addiction…farming!!! Be it in the silage truck while I’m hauling or wherever, I take the magazine with me!!!!

Marjo Baan Hofman

Corsica, SD

Paper or Plastic?

I choose paper. Although I go to the Videomaker website/forum once or twice a week- I get more pleasure and comprehension out of reading the printed magazine. I sit behind a computer all day so getting behind another monitor is not what I want to do when I go home. What I prefer is to recline and read, until my eyes close and I fall into napland. I like the Videomaker magazine a lot-it’s good reading. And if I have a question about something, I’ll go to the forum on line.

Terry Johnson, Reptilist

Paper vs. Web

Thank you for a great magazine. I am a recent subscriber — wish I’d discovered your mag sooner, it really serves my needs as an amateur videographer.

I spend all day on the computer, both with work and for personal business. I need a break. I like the compact nature of a paper magazine. Everything is in there, no need to click around. I like the portability of a paper magazine. I can take it with me anywhere I may want to read it. I’d love to have less paper in my life but I really do dig paper magazines over internet ones. I have other things to do when I’m on the computer. I say all this as the owner/operator of a successful web design company.

Steve Circeo

Managing Director

Maxcreative LLC

Prefers Web

Your editorial was timely for me. I travel the world a lot as a TV/web producer. When I got back from Panama the other day, I had a pile of mail and several magazines to read including Videomaker, when I have time. (I have already canceled my subscription to all magazines, newspapers and newsletters except several video mags). I am just too preoccupied to deal with more information, so most of this mail goes in the circular file.

So I was pleased to see you have moved your magazine online. The more you can do electronically, the better for me (and the thousands of expats and businesses who have moved here and throughout the world also). And you are saving dollars, trees and oil too. Keep those virtuous 1s and 0s coming…

Dr. Richard Lundquist

New Videomaker Member

I’m a new subscriber to your magazine. I just received my second issue. I heard of you in an offer I received with the purchase of Pinnacle Studio ultimate. I just thought, if they recommend it, it must be good. Now that I’m subscribed, I don’t regret it.

Your magazine is full of the things I need to learn and in a very interesting way. When I’m out of home, I carry the magazine so I can read it everywhere.

Victor Rodriguez

We’re Listening

Because the internet is unlimited, but paper is not, for obvious reasons we couldn’t print all of your comments. This is just a sampling, but we invite you to continue this discussion at our forums. Just log on and search for this thread: Videomaker‘s Mission, to see the best of both worlds! Thanks for your comments. We’re listening.

-the Editors

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