Yeah, Videomaker IS Cool!

What a cool mag and Web site. You are truly the best video mag going. But I have a question. In your Videomaker Presents video program, why just talking heads? You’ve obviously got the gear and know-how to do B-roll, get closeups of products, etc. The rear screen is hard to see, the guys describing products do ok, but with the actual product in hand, they’d be so much better and the production would be far more effective.

Doc Pingree

More “Take 20” Critiques, Please!

I was turned on to Videomaker Presents a couple of weeks ago and think it is great. My only suggestion is for the “Take 20” section of the vidcast. It would be helpful if you could re-show the relevant portion of the clip during the “critique” portion of the segment. For example, in one show, it was stated that there were a “lot of dolly shots” and it would have been great if, while he was talking, you went back and showed those shots in the classroom. OK, that is actually a pretty obvious example, but where this would really help (me) is during the discussion of lighting and editing. Quite often there is a comment like “the lighting in this was good.” It would be a real useful tool if you actually pointed out where in the video you thought the lighting was good…. and maybe even bad. The same thing goes if you see a good (or bad), etc.

All in all, I have learned a lot in the past couple of weeks as I have been catching up with the vidcasts. Thanks for all of the great work.

Ernie Hoftyzer


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8 Tips for Making a Stellar First Video

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Learning from the Vidcast

I love the vidcast! I’ve been making videos for my friends and family for about seven years and a subscriber to your magazine for about four. I feel like I’ve learned a tremendous amount in the last few months just watching the vidcasts. I really enjoy the content and the laid-back style of the personalities. My only suggestion would be, during the “Take 20” segment, to play the short (or a portion thereof) a second time and talk over it like a DVD commentary. I think that would be extremely useful in pointing out what people did well and what they could improve on.
Thanks for the hours of entertainment and education.


Wants More Data

Keep up the good work with the Vidcasts. A couple short ideas to improve them, though they will increase your post-production somewhat:

  • When talking about a product or Web site of interest, display the Web address in a lower third.
  • If possible (I’m not an expert), add chapter markers to the various segments like audio podcasts have.


Thanks very much to everyone who offered ideas and thoughts about our vidcast. We are no longer in the embryonic stages of vidcasting, and have listened to you and many others with ideas and thoughts shared. Originally, we were looking for a “down and dirty” way of putting together the show, with as little effort as possible because besides vidcasting, we also teach workshops, put on conferences, and, oh yeah, publish a magazine! But we have found as we’ve learned the how-tos of vidcasting, we’ve learned how to streamline the editing and encoding process, and we’ve also felt the need for more close-ups and demos of the products themselves, as well as more behind the scenes perspectives of a vidcast production. After all, we are in the business of teaching you how to do it. You’ll see more of that in some of our newer episodes.

We’ve begun to supply you information on how to find the Web sites we mention on our show, either on our vidcast via lower-third graphics, or through our own Web site. Look to our blog for the latest information.

As per your suggestions, we’re also breaking down some of the videos in our “Take 20” segment, showing you key points worth mentioning in the videos supplied by our producers. We invite everyone to send videos to us for your critiques. It’s not often you get a service like this for free, and it also helps you and other video producers in our circle learn and grow. Thanks for watching.

The Editors

The Videomaker Editors are dedicated to bringing you the information you need to produce and share better video.