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Just discovered your Internet video show – WOW!!! What an awesome idea! I got hooked on your current show and found myself watching all your archived shows. I just recently received an HP Media Center PC and found out that I can watch your .wmv format broadcast on my TV set (see attached photo). I got so involved in your video content — that I forget I was watching TV over the Internet. Keep up the good work. I would love to know what you're doing to broadcast on the Internet; i.e., how you did that — what are the details?

Bob Horn

<bVidcast for the Real People

I watched one of Videomaker's vidcasts [Videomaker Presents] Extremely informative. I loved 'Carbon Nation,' the video you showed, and especially the discussion afterwards. I like hearing how people with regular equipment are making video. I love the idea of a 'How'd they do that?' discussion with amateur video, as that is the best way to learn tips and tricks, with practical uses.


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How to Make a

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Jan Welke
High Level, Alberta, Canada

How do I get it again?

I work for a non-profit organization called Soldiers Outreach in Maryland. I read the article on vidcasting in Videomaker magazine and would like to know more information on how to acquire the service. I could not find much information on the web. What are the requirements – what do I need, what do you all provide, etc.

Rocky McKoy

Thanks, Bob, Jan and Rocky.
"Carbon Nation" was our grand prize winner in the 2005 Videomaker Short Video Contest. You can see more of Riley Harmon's work at

Rocky, it's possible that you didn't find the necessary answers when you first went onto our site, please give it a try now. We now have a FAQ page and list of requirements on our Web site, and have been updating our FAQs on a regular basis. Vidcasting is such a new element that everyone is learning at the same time.

To answer your requirement question, we currently provide the video content, but you will need to provide a computer and Internet service. To receive each episode automatically, simply find an RSS reader you like (such as Fireant or iTunes) and subscribe by clicking on one of the orange XML icons at and copy and paste the URL into your RSS reader. You will now automatically get the latest episode of Videomaker Presents.

The Editors

Ready for my critique, Mr. Peterson

I really enjoy the Videomaker Presents "Take 20" pieces on your vidcast. Those have been great learning experiences all around. I am watching the video with a critical eye, and then comparing notes with your comments has been educational.

I have a short video I would love to have your team rake over the coals on "Take 20." I would love to have someone with a critical eye review my work so that I can find some growing points. Most of the videos I make are for a church and sometimes you don't get the most honest criticism. What is the best way for me to submit a video?

I want to thank you for Videomaker Magazine. It is through your magazine and trial and error that I have learned everything I know about video production.

Steve Murphy, Media Director

Trinity UMC
Ruston, LA

Thank you, Steve! We're glad to offer this valuable service, it's not often people have the chance to get real feedback without the "polite" hemming and hawing. As you read this, we have already shown your video on Episode 20.

To others interested in "Take 20" video critiques, send a DVD-Video, Mini DV tape, or a CD-ROM or DVD-ROM containing a DV AVI , QuickTime DV, other QuickTime, Windows Media, MPEG-2 or MPEG-4 file. Don't bother with fancy packaging, we're not critiquing that. Due to the popularity of the Take 20 segment, we are expanding our deadline to October 31.

The Editors

The Videomaker Editors are dedicated to bringing you the information you need to produce and share better video.