Workshop is one of the Best Things I Have Ever Done

Thanks for everything you taught me on the Videomaker West Caribbean Cruise 05. Thank you also for lending me the DV camcorder after mine broke. That really saved the trip for me.

I have been talking to another friend of mine who works for a production company and is retiring next year. She is interested in working with me on a documentary on alternative support options for women going through cancer, so I will be taking more editing and other workshops in the coming year to prepare for our project. I think this workshop will turn out to be one of the best things I've ever done.

Thanks again for also giving me such enthusiasm for editing. The group was also tremendously encouraging and helpful, so Videomaker must be doing things right to have such people involved.

Patricia Mayo



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How to Make a

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Thanks for the email, Patricia. And we have to thank you and the other participants for your enthusiasm in our six-day workshop. We often, here at Videomaker, say the attendees make the workshop. If you are energetic, eager to learn and willing to work well with the other attendees, we, as instructors, can teach quickly and smoothly. That was a great action packed six days of video production with the twenty of you. The Cruise is definitely the most thorough of our teaching endeavors and we have two great videos to show for it. Thanks for your contributions.

— The Editors

Worldwide Audience

I enjoyed your recent editorial about Vidcasting. I started "sharing" my videos (fire department-related subject matter) over the Internet about 3-4 years ago. As more people get broadband connections, vidcasting will continue to grow.

I get emails from all over the world.

Larry Carlson

Serious Development

Dear Mr. Peterson,

You, and your team, produce an excellent magazine! I am 18 years old, and will be studying business at the University of Illinois in the fall. Over the past 2 years, I have developed into a serious videographer. I attribute a lot of what I know about the art to Videomaker magazine. I recently incorporated my production company and have had much success in the field of video production.

Thank you for everything that you have done. Keep up the good work!


Jordan T. Klein

President, Klein Lab Productions, Inc.

Download and Learn

I took your [2005 Videomaker Reader] survey; I am interested in reading about video production, but at sixty-seven and a retired teacher it is not realistic for me personally to be too in involved. I do, however, have some influence on my family and friends in historical reenactment groups, and so what I learn in your publication is discussed widely. Please use your Web site similar to the "Take Control" digital books site and provide for downloading information (and charge for it).

RoseMary Davis

Montgomery, AL

We are thrilled to hear you are involved in video production in so many ways in your retirement. We just had an 80 year-old gentleman on our Caribbean Cruise who was out shooting in some very challenging environments for someone of any age. We are happy to have such a wide readership.

Regarding the online educational material, we are working on the development of a wide range of distant learning courses for delivery over the web as we write this. There is no doubt that the Internet is a great tool for learning and we are optimizing our instructional material for delivery via the Internet. Until this material is polished and posted, please check out some free instruction in the Videomaker Vidcast, located at Click on the Directory page, click the letter "V" and scroll down until you find it. And, as always, you can see our assortment of instructional DVDs, videotapes and books online, as well as in every print issue of Videomaker magazine.
— The Editors

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