Wanna See My Vacation Videos?

I can't tell you how much I enjoyed reading the "What were you Thinking?!" article [May 2005,] Too funny. I have to tell you I laughed out loud on the train ride home when I read the column. I'm talking about your reference to Uncle Buck (explicit funny) and your KISS (Spielberg brilliant!) It was right on target, helpful and incredibly witty. More video artists should take charge of clueless camera users and teach them how to shoot so the rest of us won't be stuck watching hours of one long shot of a bunch of ant-size kids running around a soccer field chasing a pinhead-size ball. Well written. All of us know someone afflicted with the Waving Camera Syndrome, and we, too, want to grab these people by the lens or run for the bar as soon as they utter the dreaded phrase: "Do ya wanna see my vacation videos?" Nice article, funny and to the point! Give us more like that and keep drilling the simple techniques in.

Felix Constantine

Washington D.C.

Thinking About Those Legs

I wanted to thank you for the GREAT teaching you did for our group and me [August 05 Chico Workshop]! I learned so much in just 3 days. I loved making the movie we did and came back with a passion to get mine going. I am using an evaluation version of Vegas now to see how I like it.

I wanted to get a tripod just like the one we used for your camera. I noted down on paper what I thought were the model numbers of the tripod which were Manfrotto 3433 and 501. These turn out to be the fluid head part only and not the tripod number at all. Manfrotto makes many models with this head.


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If you have a chance and could take a look at the tripod only (not the head) and could let me know the model number of the tripod we used I would really appreciate it!
Soram Khalsa, M.D.

Beverly Hills, CA

It was great having you with us that weekend, Soram. You contributed greatly to your group's efforts with your knowledge and experience. Contributions from our workshop attendees are a large part of what make our workshops work so well.

We are very happy to hear we inspired you. That is one of the best compliments we could receive.

The tripod we used was a Manfrotto combination of the 501 head, as you know and the 754 MdeVe carbon fiber legs. You can read a review of this tripod in our May 2004 issue.

— The Editors

Avid Xpress Pro HD Upgrade

We just got our October issue of Videomaker with the review of Xpress Pro HD by Harold Johnson. It's great to see your recognition of the comprehensive editing features we've built-in. Since the article referenced our support for HDV, I thought I'd pass along that we just announced that HDV support will ship by October 17, 2005, so it will be available by the time your next issue is going to press. When it is available, users who have the 5.0 version you reviewed can receive HDV as a free upgrade via download.

One other note, Media Composer is referenced at $40K, but actually starts at $24,995. As you mentioned, it is certainly a product for enterprise-class facilities, but is actually $15K less than the price referenced. Customers sometimes get the wrong idea about our pricing, so we always want to set the record straight.
Tim Wilson

Senior Product Marketing Manager

Avid Technology, Inc.

Thank you for your comments, Tim. We found the latest Xpress Pro to be a stellar product. Our apologies regarding the price of the Media Composer. While it's not in our market range, it is worthy of noting. Mr. Johnson was working with old information on Avid’s pro products.

— The Editors


In our Test Bench for the Lite-On LVW-5045 HDD+DVD Recorder (August 2005) we stated that the unit had FireWire in and out. The 5045 only has FireWire in. Thank you to Jacob Ratmansky from Cleveland, OH for taking the time to bring this to our attention. Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.

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