Where's my Mic, Man!

I thought your overview of microphones in the July 2005 issue was informative but in the Buyers Guide story, one of the most important manufacturers, Sennheiser, is not in the listings, and popular microphones for camcorders such as the Azden SGM-X and the Beyerdynamic MCE 87 VS are not included.

John Dickens


I am new to your magazine, my first issue actually, and so far, I find it informative. But, I also found it very curious that in a very large and apparently comprehensive article on microphones, there is no mention of items from Sony and Sennheiser, both of which I own! How is it in this major review of wired and wireless mics, that those manufactures are left totally out, especially when Radio Shack is included?

Thanks for your time,

Mike Teutsch


As you can imagine, compiling the data for the Buyer's Guides every month takes a lot of time, patience, and interaction with product manufacturers. Videomaker gives all product manufacturers (that we are aware of) several options to include their product information, and a set amount of time to do so, and if we don't have completed information from a company at press time, we must publish the article as it stands.

There are many reasons a company can't provide us with updated information; however, we feel it would be a disservice to the company and the readers if we print incomplete data. As our Buyer's Guides disclaimer notes, "This is not a comprehensive list. It includes only information available at press time. This information (including list price) was provided by the manufacturers and is subject to change without notice."

–The Editors

HDV in the Hands of Consumers

Dear Videomaker,

I was happy to see statistics on HDV cameras in your camcorder Buyer's Guide in the June issue. Though I'm not ready to spend $3,500 on this new technology, I am very curious to see how these cameras are going to trickle down to the consumer community. Every time I go to my sister's house and watch TV on her 50" HD plasma television set, I envision having my video's playing in high definition in her living room.

I am hoping to see more news on HD soon.


Peter Ryan

New York, New York

Thanks for the letter, Peter. We definitely have our finger on the pulse of all things HDV. We recently began planning for our 2006 editorial calendar and it will be chock full of high definition topics from equipment to workflow to technical descriptions of the pros and cons of working with this exciting new technology. We are currently testing new HDV cameras and editing programs. We wish you could see the smiles on our faces when we play our footage on our 42" plasma. Stay tuned!

–The Editors

Candid Camcorder

I like to shoot candid shots of people but most of the people that I shoot act embarrassed. They cover their faces, look away or stare into the camera and make faces. Do you have any ideas about how to get people to just relax and ignore me?

Tim Ramsay

Smithville, TN

You might try disabling your camcorder's tally light. (This is the little red LED that turns on or flashes when you are recording.) Most new camcorders have a menu function where you can disable this feature. You can also try placing a small piece of gaffer's tape over the tally light. Or hold the camera somewhere else other than face level, like cupped under your arm. If they see your face instead of the camera they might not be as aware of it.

From a more psychological perspective, if your subjects see you with a camcorder all the time, they'll eventually become desensitized to being recorded, and will usually stop playing for the camera. Then again, some people are just camera-shy.

–The Editors

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