New Titles: Corporate Video Production, Mixing Secrets for the Small Studio

Corporate Video Production: Beyond the Board Room (And OUT of the Bored Room)

Awash with case studies and personal anecdotes from his many years of experience, Stuart Sweetow presents a veritable encyclopedia of information on producing video for the corporate market in particular and filmmaking in general. Written in a user-friendly, easy-to-read style, Sweetow’s work will appeal to both beginners and video professionals alike. Beginning with a number of case studies, he illustrates the many uses of video within the corporate environment including public relations pieces demonstrating company contributions to their community and the world, new employee orientation videos, training videos and product announcements. This is a wise approach as it sets the stage for upcoming information. Sensibly laid out the material is easy to find. Corporate Video Production gives you all the information you can possibly think of – and a few things you probably didn’t – pertaining to every aspect of producing corporate video. For example, the chapter entitled “Marketing Yourself as a Professional Producer” includes things like how to get business, why you should consider volunteering your services, tips on developing your business plan, writing video production proposals, handling requests for proposals and qualifications, business accounting, licenses, taxes, insurance, forms of businesses and hiring help. Other chapters detail budget development, script writing, directing corporate videos, working with nonprofessional talent (employees) and the CEO. No stone is left unturned, including wardrobe, makeup, setup and lighting, composition, shot variations, use of green screen and more. An entire chapter is dedicated to legal considerations, discussing important issues such as trade secrets, nondisclosure, contracts, safety, permissions, releases, permits, copyrights and distribution agreements. Consideration is given to corporate aesthetics and how you’re shooting movement, composition, set design and other elements work together to complement the company’s branding scheme. Also covered are such critical topics as audio, compression, methods of distribution, marketing and social media. Whether you’re just getting your feet wet in the world of video, or you’re an already accomplished producer, you will find Corporate Video Production by Stuart Sweetow to be an invaluable resource. Very highly recommended.

Stuart Sweetow



Reviewed by: Mark Holder

Rating: 5

Mixing Secrets for the Small Studio

As a videographer, Mixing Secrets for the Small Studio shouldn’t be the first book on audio post production you own; nor should it be the second, third or even the fourth one. Written primarily for mixing music, it doesn’t address any of the issues specific to video, such as syncing, editing dialog or file management. However, if you’ve scoured your other books and your audio still lacks a professional sheen, this might be right in your wheelhouse. The first and third sections are a mixed bag in terms of usefulness for videographers, although there is a highly detailed section on setting up and using monitors that you probably won’t find in an audio-for-video book. The middle sections on Balance and Sweetening are where you’ll find the most valuable information.


8 Tips for Making a Stellar First Video

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8 Tips for Making a Stellar First Video

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Without a working understanding of compression, limiting, equalization, reverb, delay and stereo enhancement, chances are you will never produce industry-standard sound. And this is where Mixing Secrets can really help. A six-year columnist for Sound on Sound magazine, the author’s talent is taking complex and abstract concepts and laying them out in a clear yet comprehensive manner any dedicated layperson should be able to wrap their minds around.

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Reviewed by: Joseph Ayres

Rating: 4

Contributing editor Mark Holder is a video producer and trainer. Joseph Ayres is a music composer and Videomaker‘s marketing coordinator.