The Art and Technique of Digital Color Correction

Steve Hullfish

Focal Press, $50

373 pp.

Color correction is often considered a “dark art” practiced in special rooms deep in the dungeon of post houses and by an elite group of wizards. In The Art and Technique of Digital Color Correction, Steve Hullfish takes the mystery out of the art with detailed examples and practical hands-on modules. Steve calls upon some of the industry’s best colorists to explain how they’d tackle a tricky color correction problem. He also provides easy-to-read, step-by-step explanations, as well as a great DVD filled with samples, so the reader can practice the techniques and tips learned from the text. Steve guides his readers towards a better understanding of the tools and techniques of color correction and the artistic thought process that goes on when the colorist is working with an image. Most authors would probably stop there, but Steve adds an additional element with a section that includes discussions with different DPs and directors. This section takes color correction out of the edit suite into the field and illustrates the collaboration between the DP, directors and the colorist in creating the images the director and DP had in mind in the original shoot. While not for the faint-at-heart, this text is a must-have for anyone creating professional-quality videos. (A bit difficult for those who do not have a basic understanding of color theory) Rating: 4

Producing Great Sound for Film and Video, 3rd Edition

Jay Rose

Focal Press, $45

442 pp.

If you are looking for a practical guide to creating good audio for your video productions, Jay Rose’s Producing Great Sound for Film and Video is a good place to start. Jay provides easy-to-understand explanations of how sound – and specifically digital audio – works. Then he walks the reader through the stages of preproduction and planning, production and post production. During each stage, he explains the equipment, processes and techniques used and gives tips on how to improve the audio production experience, as well as end result. Throughout, Jay provides a very thorough and practical guide to the audio production process. He includes valuable tips from industry professionals and illustrates much of the material with real-world examples. The CD is filled with audio samples used throughout the text, editing tutorials and examples of various recordings – a valuable supplement to the text. A unique feature is the final chapter filled with frequently-asked questions. Here Jay walks the reader through many of the audio problems faced in the production world. His answers are easy to understand and thorough. This book is an excellent introduction into the world of audio production. Whether you are just beginning your adventures in audio and video production or are a seasoned veteran of the production realm, this text includes something for everyone. Rating: 5

Motion Picture and Video Lighting, 2nd Edition

Blain Brown

Focal Press, $45

254 pp.

In a world filled with how-to lighting books, Blain Brown, author of Cinematography: Theory and Practice, brings us a text with no equal. Motion Picture and Video Lighting is a very comprehensive, up-to-date, practical guide to lighting. Blain provides an in-depth yet easy-to-understand look at lighting, from an aesthetic, technical and practical point of view. He uses real-world examples culled from years of experience, as well as interviews with some of the top DPs working in film and video. This text is well organized, taking the reader through a quick look at the history of lighting, the tools used on today’s sets and locations to basic scene lighting. From there, Blain breaks lighting into the often little-understood worlds of lighting for DV, HD and SD video, exposure theory, color theory and electricity. Then Blain takes us into the world of the gaffer, grip and DP. He explains gripology and moves us into the field. The DVD includes an interesting behind-the-scenes look at a lighting crew on a Hollywood set, as well as very good examples of the theory and practical solutions provided throughout the book. This is an excellent companion to Blain’s cinematography text and a must-have for anyone serious about producing quality lighting for video and film productions.
Rating: 5

Contributing editor, Robert G. Nulph, Ph.D., is an independent video/film producer/director and teacher.

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