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(iOS, $24.99)

Airnest seeks to simplify the drone flying process by allowing pilots to draw a flight path directly onto a map of their location. Designate a focal point to orient the camera, or control the shot by panning or tilting your iDevice. Airnest even includes built-in tools for locating and avoiding no-fly zones, and the app provides local weather information so you always know when it’s safe to fly. The app works with DJI drones including the Phantom 3 Advanced and Professional and the Inspire 1 with Zenmus X3 camera.

RPAS Logger Lite

(Android & iOS, Free)

RPAS Logger does just what the names implies; it helps you log your RPAS (remotely piloted aircraft system, a.k.a drone) flights and activities. The Lite version offers tools to help track flight times and locations, manage battery use and compile pre- and post-flight checklists to promote safety and legal compliance in drone flight. Upgrade to the Plus version of the app for additional features such as data exporting and optimization for use with the Drone Logger Enterprise Portal, a service geared toward drone-oriented business and production houses.


(Desktop and Mobile Browsers, Free)

If you’re looking for a simple and reliable way to find out where you can and can’t fly, Airmap may be your answer. Airmap displays real time airspace information including flight restrictions around airports, national parks and other restricted airspaces, and it will even alert you to temporary no-fly zones imposed around special events. While not an app per se, this web service has been optimized for use in a mobile browser for easy reference in the field. Data from Airmap has also been integrated into flight apps for DJI and 3DR drones.

Drone Zones 

(Android & iOS, Free)

Like Airmap, Drone Zones helps you find places to fly. The difference is that Drone Zones draws on the drone pilot community for suggestions. App users can search the app to find new flight locations nearby, or add and rate your favorite flying locations based on several categories including scenic value, suitability for flight, ease of access and likelihood of encountering other people. Drone Zones is poised to be a useful community-driven resource for drone pilots.

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