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Video production can be a

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Video production can be a tough industry. However, if you get a few solid clients, you can develop a portfolio and build your business. If you are looking to feed your family on day 1, you may have bitten off more (or less) than you can chew. For more information about video for business, visit

This article mentions a lot of small-business myths

As a video producer since 2007 and an entrepreneur/business-school student since 2012, I recognize there is a large gap between business skills and video knowledge. The gap is clearly shown in this article. The unfortunate thing about this article is the lack of enlightened, successful perspective on small-business creation. It is truly a doom-and-gloom article, and even I, with my knowledge of successful entrepreneurship, was feeling discouraged just reading this, Fortunately, none of this has to be true.

Business doesn't have to be so darn hard. This article shows a lack of understanding and perspective on business plans and financing, marketing and product/service development (video production in this case), but the largest problem is looking at small-business with a big-business perspective, which will pretty much always lead to failure in a new venture.

To illustrate my point: business plans and financing from investors are often the wrong way to go about starting a business (which leads to the depressing statistics), in part because your new-found riches often go to your head and cause you to do stupid things with the money you raised. The successful entrepreneurs get money from clients, making product using whatever resources they have, and slowly build as they go along. This article recommends a business plan. My advice: run from formal "business plans". There is a better way.

I just want all unsuspecting would-be small-business owners to know: there is an enlightened path to entrepreneurship, with less risk/gambling of life savings, but more work and smarts is required. I recommend you put in the time to get the smarts on small-business that you did to get the smarts about video production. There is a reason universities have majors in both areas: there is a ton of info about both areas.

Since this comment is already too long, I'll just end with 2 definite truths from this article: 1) "Don't be foolish about starting a's serious business", and 2) "you have a better chance to stay in business if you are a good business-person and a so-so videomaker than if you are a great videomaker but a poor business person." 

Well put. Nuf said.

Get business skills, not just filmmaking skills

A lot of people get into video production because they have some filmmaking skills. However, they often lack a huge component to being successful in this industry - business skills.

It's not enough just to have filmmaking skills. You also need your marketing, business and financial skills up to par.

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