What to Charge for Event Videography

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My own two cents

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Very good article.  A great point about calculating your time in both shoot and editing, as well as factoring in other costs.  Many newcomers are so eager for gigs, they bid low.  Ultimately hurting the market.  This is no way to make friends.  Connections with other videographers can be very valuable with referrals and positive mentions.  


Ultimately, your price will, and should be influenced by the local market.  Doing research here will be well rewarded.  If there is a local guild, consider joining it. 


On weddings and similar events, you need a package price.  Most do three or more packages, but I think three is just right.  Even if you never sell the other two, people like choice.  


Be very clear about what you are including.  Especially how many and what type of discs (as long as we're still doing these) and what price additional copies sell for.  I also include a set number of hours of coverage, and charge hourly if that is exceeded.  Not doing this will have you shooting from the crack of dawn untill the wee hours.  Trust me.