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Thanks Earl! Question for You and Others Here at Videomaker

Dear Earl!


Nice to see this story here.   Will check out the Sony bloggie on your last line. 


What are your thoughts on and partnerships....or because of their this article oriented toward beginners...and youtube may not help to monetize until you have already generated viewers?


By the way - do you have some examples of some other great (small would be super) websites that are making money with your links,across all sectors or businesses, especially smaller content folks.    Glad to hear about Jay Michael Long! 


Would love see what's trending, what's hot, what's not... : - )  I'll surf your links and other stories here as I can, but love to find out what's new!


I guess the continual goal is to find a niche and/or provide incredible content...and market get a return on investment in this space.   It's nice to see your story and the references.


Thanks Earl and keep up the great work promoting the industry and solutions for all types of webcasters, or streamers!


Warm Regards,


Peggy Miles


p.s. See you on the Net!