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Hi John,


Thanks for this article! This is really helpful for those people who want to earn from doing what they love - creating videos! And I agree with you. The stock footage industry is young, but it's growing rapidly, considering today's demand for video content, it's enormous.


With all that, there are many places where people can sell their creative videos. I'd like to invite them to our site,, where they can share their creativity with the world and get a very high percentage from sales of their works.


For those interested, feel free to visit us on our site.


Thanks again John!


Jason Fox


The Stock Footage Company




Anistock operates a number of business models for videographers to earn income including purchasing video content outright or a set free plus royalty model. Pay us a visit at Anistock for more details






I was wondering if you can help me with and point me in the right direction,regarding selling my own footage. I have a huge collection of what I feel is pretty good quality outdoor scenes and wildlife footage. Any info you can give me would be greatly appreciated. 

  Thanks .

Meet Clippn


If you're still trying to sell your stock footage reach out to Clippn - The Professional Clip Network. We license your content to multiple distribution partners at once and we handle all the editing, keywording and delivery. You shoot and we do the rest. Shooters never lose the copyright and they earn 50% commission on all sales. You can reach out to me direclty for more information. 


Hope to hear from you, 


Joe Valenti

Clippn COO and Co-Founder



Upload, Sell and Earn 50% per sale. 

visit for more information 


We are only accepting 1920*1080p as a minimum criteria for video.

Easy to use interface for both buyers and sellers.

Communicate with the ever growing community of professional content providers.

Perfect opportunity to sell your work!


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349 - 351 Flinders Lane, Melbourne VIC 3000
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Re: Stock Footage How To Earn Income

I also wanted to extend an invitation to the Videomaker community to consider joining our team of creators earning a fair percentage from their stock footage. We've been in business since 1987, been represented by Tony Stone Images (purchased by Getty), and have always also sold our stock photography and stock footage directly from our site. We know the industry very well and watched it change.

Our new online store allows us to add the work of a small, select group of additional producers of both stills and video stock, and share with them industry-leading percentages of their sales.

If you have HD or better (as the article stated, there is no real market for SD), legal, unique, and beautiful stock footage, please visit the contact page on our site and get in touch.

Aerials, food, pets, timelapse, transportation, business, aviation, military and travel are among the topics we are seeking.

The new site is located at

We are not seeking to be the biggest stock library on earth with the most footage, but a small, quality, niche company cherished by our customers and loved by our contributors. I left Tony Stone after it was bought by Getty because I did not want to be one fish in a giant ocean. If you are looking for something similar and produce great work, come say hi!

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This is one type of income generating initiative. One of those innovative ways on how to make money online. I wonder if you can sell your products or services thru sites like ebay and fiverr?