How and Why to Use a Light Meter

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ISO setting on prosumer video camera

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The article about using a light meter is clear except for the reference to the ISO setting.  None of the prosumer video cameras I've owned  have  an ISO setting just a gain setting - H, M, & L.  I am familiar with ISO that is an integral part of still cameras film and digital but I have no way of knowing what the light sensitivity is for my video camera.  The article is written as though all video cameras can have their ISO adjusted.  This makes a big difference because one cannot use a light meter without knowing the ISO of the video camera.  What is the ISO of a prosumer high definition video camera?  There is no reference to it in the unit's manual.  Thanks.

ISO and Camcorders

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Video capable DSLR's have ISO adjustment and it is very useful. I would like to also see zebra, color bar and adjustable ND filters. Maybe Canon or Nikon will take the hint.

ISO choices for H, M, L gain settings

Somewhere deep in a menu may be a place where your camera allows you to choose ISO settings for your H, M & L selection. My Panasonic AF100 does, and I have used other cameras that do as well. Don't know what camera you are shooting with, but it might be worth checking out.