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The Paglight C6 light is a small on-camera light with a difference. Snapped onto the front of the lighting instrument is a ring that has two retractable barn doors to control spill, a frosted white diffuser and a glass dichroic filter that changes the color temperature of the light to match sunlight. The 20-watt tungsten halogen lamp produces a comfortable 3200K light and is powered by its own 6-volt Ni-Cd battery.

And what a battery it is. Weighing in at nearly 3 lbs, this bulky battery even comes with its own carrying strap. In our tests, it took three hours to fully charge the battery. A full charge powered the lamp for just over two hours of continuous use, which is quite a bit of time for a portable light this bright. The Paglight itself is remarkably lightweight and small (about 8 oz). It has a tripod mounting screw in the base that can be used with any standard tripod or an on-camera offset bracket so you don’t blind your talent. A small mounting plate is also included if you want to use the shoe on your camera.


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Model Paglight C6 Kit Model No. 1001

Lamp Wattage 20w

Lamp Type Tungsten Halogen

Color Temp 3200K

Diffusion frosted white, dichroic (5600K)

Control two barn doors, focusable beam angle

Battery 6V, Ni-Cd

Extras charger, on-camera mounting adapter


  • Small and portable
  • Flexible


  • Heavy Ni-Cd battery


  • A camera-mounted mini-light for all seasons and situations.
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