Benchmark:Smith Victor Q250-SG On-camera Light
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Q250-SG On-camera Light


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For many videographers, getting enough light on their subject can be a difficult and time-consuming task. This is especially true for field videographers who must contend with challenges like bulky light kits, set-up time and available electrical outlets.

An on-camera light often solves many of these problems for the field videographer. They usually attach directly to the camcorder’s shoe mount, giving a quick and easy way to light a subject without resorting to the better, but time-consuming process of setting up a three-point lighting kit. They often use DC power. This means that they will run on batteries, so you don’t have to be near an AC outlet to plug into. Today, we’ll look at Smith Victor’s Q250-SG on-camera light.


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An Alternate Choice of Current

When most home videographers imagine an on-camera light, they picture a battery-powered light. The Q250-SG however, works on good old AC power. What does that do for the videographer? Well, it leaves you two distinct choices. You could use a really long extension cord, or remain within 10 feet of a wall outlet. Neither of these options is too pleasing for most videographers, especially videographers looking for a mobile field light.

The rest of the construction of the Q250-SG is pretty standard stuff for on-camera lights. It has a bracket that fits onto a camcorder’s shoe mount, with a 7-inch arm that elevates the light over the camcorder. Where the arm meets the light, there’s a knob so you can adjust the light to whatever angle you want. Perhaps the nicest touch of the whole package is that Smith-Victor includes a bracket to mount the Q250-SG on a light stand.

Light Up or Leave Me Alone

If you can get past the fact that this on-camera light is powered by AC only, it’s a decent light. The Q250-SG helped bring out more color and sharpened the contrast when attached to a Panasonic PV-DV910 camcorder. However the glass safety shield that covers the bulb didn’t fit well with the rest of the light. It jiggled loosely and made enough noise to interfere with the audio we captured through the camcorder’s on-camera microphone.

The Moral of the Story

Smith-Victor shouldn’t have bothered to include the on-camera mount for this light. By limiting it to AC power only, the Q250-SG is practically useless to the field videographer. Although it also ships with a light stand clip, the picture on the box shows the Q250-SG mounted on a camcorder. Too bad they didn’t show the wide-angle view with the extension cord running from the wall socket to the light.

Tech Specs – Smith-Victor Q250-SG On-camera Light

Light: 250 Watt Quartz

Color Temperature: 3200°K

Power: AC-only

Weight: 1lb 2oz

Dimensions: 9 3/4 (height) x 4 (width) x 5 (depth) inches

Construction Material: etched aluminum reflector, phenolic resin housing


  • comes with bracket to mount light on a stand


  • AC-only power
  • loose glass safety shield made a lot of noise


The AC-only power limits this on-camera light to situations where you have nearby power.

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