PowerDirector 13 Review

Multicam on Timeline


Stay away!

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Horrible experience! Software was buggy and support sucks! Less than 2 weeks after the purchase I asked for a refund. No can do, they say. You can buy another, more expensive product and we''l apply the original to that, but no money back. And the woman in customer service I dealt with was rude and condescending. I would advise staying far away from this company. (I'm still a little pissed. or is it obvious?)

Well worth the purchase!

I'm using PD 14 ultimate and this software has been nothing but great for me. I purchased because I fly a Phantom 3 and wanted to try the editing thing..I was a totally clueless newbie in video editing. Knowing I would probably get bored with it after awhile, I was WRONG!. Haven't had one problem with anything in this software. Easy to use, navigate and if I come across an issue I just dial up a YouTube tutorial from PD University and problem solve. Would recommend to anyone...