Apple Final Cut Pro X 10.1 Review

Screen capture of the Apple Final Cut Pro X 10.1 editing program


I'm amazed...

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... that you clearly don't grasp that the two "Weaknesses" you list are in fact two of its biggest strengths! The fact that rarely used "advanced features" are tucked away is the pinnicle of brilliance and one of the things that in fact makes FCP X that much faster than any NLE I've used in over 20 years in the business.


And sorry, but if you find the magnetic timeline "cumbersome", then you clearly just don't get it. Learning how it in fact works and how to use it would probably help. It's not cumbersome, it's DIFFERENT. In the best way possible.

Change IS Good

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I wrote my thoughts of FCPX 10.1 for ( the first weekend after it came out and not much of my opinions have changed. For me personally, I think another weakness/ What I Don't Like that I would have added was that it's cumbersome to update projects to the new version if you have multiple events and projects spread across multiple drives. 

I was lucky and started working with FCPX at the infancy of my videomaking career and had not in-depth knoweledge of any NLE past or present at that time. That is what allowed me to thrive with FCPX, and after working in Premiere for 8 months in a job that had required it, I could see how extremely difficult it could be for seasoned veteren editors to fully commit to FCPX. FCPX 10.1 makes editing (for me at least) faster then ever, and really can't wait to see the spike in performance when I finally get my hands on my new Mac Pros this weekend :) 


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The problem with FCPX comes down to one thing...the "User Interface".

Place the FCP 7 UI ontop of FCPX and Apple will silence all doubters and win back 75% of the editors they lost with FCPX! I would be the first to start the parade.


It's that simple Apple. Every time I see "update to FCPX" I pray Apple has re-arranged the UI to function like FCP 7 but not yet.


FXPX is a case where you cannot accept the critism of MOST editing professionals who used to love FCP and hate the UI of FCPX.  

Sometimes you have to admit you tried something new and it's not as good as what you had,  and re-assess.  In this case you are epically wrong. 


I'm sure FCX UI is adequate for a new editor who doesn't know better, for everyone else it's a whacky non-intuitive app to be avoided. (see iMovie Pro) 





about fcpX

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i Have to say that i was really Skeptical about Final cut pro X as i use to use FCP7 and i was bad mouthing the app for so long until one day i finally had the time to play with it and amazingly enough to like it. I Volunteer at a TV studio here in town and i do some editing for them and now trying to start my own business on video editing and i'm still on the learning curve and i have to say that i'm taking everything back about FCPX. true the GUI is different, but you get use to it, But it is really easy to use and user friendly. I'm now buying more plugins for it and learing more about the app online and books and again! i find it easier to use than FCP7. the only thing i need to master is the Audio track and some effects, but over all? it is user friendly and i like it. it renders as you go, doesn't slow down my mac while it renders it, easy to use. i'll say 2 thumbs up. i'm really glad that i moved on over my critizism over 7 being better than 10. i moved on and i'm loving 10 better than 7 now. 


Cheers :D